Heck of a First Kiss

121124 185702 45mm f2 8 Edit

No matter how long we’re in this business, we should never stop learning and growing and pushing ourselves. One of the ways I did this in 2012 was to try to push myself to capture the first kiss in creative ways. There’s a good reason I hadn’t done this before, of course — this is an extremely important moment that really doesn’t need embellishing, so it’s more important to just capture it than to be fancy and risk not capturing it. But this is an outgrowth of using second shooters and assistants I really trust. When I see a shot that can benefit from a risky technique, I tell them beforehand “OK, your job is just to get the first kiss straight-up and close, keep it simple. I’m going to do something wacky.”

For Annie and Bill the wackiness was a tilt-shift to capture the overhead lights, as well as an SB-900 I’d placed behind the altar before the ceremony started, turning a very dark scene into this.

Lens: 45mm f/2.8 PC-E
Camera: Nikon D3s
Place: The Foundry

jashim Jalal - Too good! Nice shot!

Dennis Pike - This is awesome, Ryan, glad it worked out!

rich - always pushing the limits – amazing shot!

Craig Cacchioli - Fab. I wish more celebrants in the UK would allow flash during the ceremony for creative shots like this!

Monica Justesen Photography - Love this! I can almost feel their passion and love for each other!

Oscar Abraham Varghese - Absolutely brilliant! Love your work Ryan!

Justin Wright Photography - Definitely worth the risk. Great shot Ryan.

Haouzi Franck - PERFECT

Dale Lempa - Nice work. Couldn’t agree more with your philosophy that we always need to be experimenting, trying new things.

Geoffrey Tischman - awesome shot

Brooke - This is beautiful, I love the bokeh at the top!

Brooke Summer - I love the bokeh at the top!

Trond-Daniel Kastnes Kvalvik - This is stunning!

don - hey Ryan, thanks for highlighting the rewards reaped from taking risks.. “I’m going to do something wacky”… love it.

Stephen Shefrin Photography - Another amazing set! Love all the emotion you captured.

Derek - Brilliant!