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Sometimes You Just Have to Play

It’s the end of a busy year, and even though weddings are a bit slower here we have lots and lots of photos to process before 2013. But personal work important, sometimes to explore entirely different genres, sometimes to clear out your head of the normal way of doing things, and sometimes just to play. […]

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New York Botanical Gardens Wedding: Lindsay and Brian

Personality, connection, inner children, playfulness — it all comes out on the dance floor. There’s a reason that we dance at weddings. You’ve worked so hard for months and months for an event that you could have done by yourself in a few hours. Why? To celebrate with people you love. After so much work, […]

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Sunsets Can Be Complicated

No slight is meant to New Jersey that I felt twinges of Blade Runner when I shot this. — Camera: Nikon D3s Lens: Nikon 85mm f/1.4G BACK TO TOP | CONTACT ME

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