New York Botanical Gardens Wedding: Lindsay and Brian

Personality, connection, inner children, playfulness — it all comes out on the dance floor.

There’s a reason that we dance at weddings. You’ve worked so hard for months and months for an event that you could have done by yourself in a few hours. Why? To celebrate with people you love. After so much work, and with so much emotion, a few hugs and polite conversations won’t do — let the music come and show that you don’t care about decorum, about anything but having a good time with people you care about.

I love crazy dance floors at weddings for these reasons (and I’ve been known to get a bit crazy myself on my own time), so I knew right from the start that I’d have a great time documenting the wedding where the bride is a fitness instructor and dancer.

But I was doubly excited, because Lindsay and Brian are my neighbors. I didn’t have to just guess that they were awesome, I know that they are. You form a certain bond with people when you play Rock Band with them, and I have respect for anyone that can stand my singing voice.

The beauty of the New York Botanical Gardens was a fantastic backdrop for the outsized personalities of this great couple, their friends and families. Thank you Lindsay and Brian; I’ll see you in Rock Band.

  • V Tran

    Not sure what sort of craziness is going on in the last photo with the red sky and white streak but whatever it is, it looks cool. Good way to cap of the preview!

  • Nash Ruiz

    Great Job Ryan!!!

  • May

    I don;t know how you manage to get such amazing candid shots! beautifully done! as usual!

  • Antony Northcutt

    I have a big smile on my face!

  • Candice Roos Hildebrandt

    Seriously! Your’re the man! LOVE.

  • Jorge Ledesma

    Ryan, you knocked it out of the park, a very complete set.

  • Craig Cacchioli

    Love these a lot Ryan. Really like the shot of the first dance where it looks like you placed the flash in a doorway to create the shadow of the chandelier above the couples head. Inspired vision. Would love to know your setup for the evening reception. Looks like 2 flash heads in opposing corners bounced off the ceiling with a 3rd on camera flash.

  • Luis Faustino

    Excellent material as usual!
    Love that last shot with the light trails :)

  • Michael Jurick

    Hi Ryan – another fantastic collection! Your clients must be so thrilled. I LOVE the light-painting image (last photon in the post). Can you share how you achieve that? I would love to try that with some of my Bar/Bat Mitzvah kids.

  • Phil

    The last picture looks like it is a long exposure and you running around painting with light? Regardless how it was achieved it is awesome and I love it!

  • C.J. Kyles

    As always, amazing work. Are you using a macro lens for your ring shots?

  • roland hale

    That last shot is ridiculous! Awesome stuff man.

  • Siddharth

    Amazing images. Its wonderful how you always come up with new ideas to shoot the couple..Also, I love your reception dance pictures. Clean clear n crisp. I am still getting a hang of it..:-)

  • varsha

    Its impossible not to have tears rolling down whenever I see your wedding pictures

  • Varsha Kumar

    Its impossible not to have tears rolling down whenever I see your wedding pictures.

  • Arol Horkavy

    I love the first dance shot. Fantastic work as always.

  • Matt

    This whole set is unreal. The last shot is epic. Awesome stuff.

  • Leo Dj

    Evening outdoor ceremony is one of the hardest thing to light. You pulled it off beautifully! :)

  • Martin Orozco

    your amazing ryan! definitely one of the best wedding photographers

  • Dhafni Maciel

    Pra arrebentar com o preconceito de casamentos noturnos.. Num lugar desses eu fotografo rindo! iueoieue Sândalo Jhony Gomes.

  • Irish Photographers

    I LOVE these photos! This is one fun couple and you can’t help but feel the energy when you look at the fun they had with each other and the guests at their wedding. Beautiful!