Love Gives You Wings

121109 131034 12mm f14

And so, apparently, do some South American wedding traditions. Between the stunning bride and the wings she was wearing, we got some attention from New Yorkers. Nothing gets New Yorkers attention. I’ve seen topless women walk by a few blocks south of this spot with nary a startled look. But we did it.

Camera: Nikon D3s
Lens: Sigma 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6

Denis Adonis - Una hermosa fotografía Rya. Me parece interesante, el edificio de atrás, también aparece, en una foto iconica de la historia de la fotografía, no recuerdo el nombre del autor en este momento. Un abrazo desde Valparadise :)

Logan Trevor Newell - awesome shot!

Tara Mattei Photography - Fantastic capture!

Kimo Okimo - extraordinary..

Gary Coronado - now this is how silhouettes are done! beautiful.

Steve Graham - Awesome. This really made me stop and look! Outstanding.

Jimena Arnal - I might not know the artist but I do know the bride…. and that is an amazing photo!

Marine photography - Excellent!

Chelsea Patricia - Awesome!

Kristine Stepping - I want to see MORE please!

Dale Lempa - Nice! A well composed silhouette can be powerful, but this is even more stunning with the sun spot just barely peeking over her shoulder, and the wings lit up brightly against the dark background.

Roland Hale Photography - Awesome! I’d love to see the rest of the shots.

caroline - incredible frame, ryan. love the lighting, & shadows in this.

Dewan Demmer - OK this shot rocks !

Derek - Nicely done dude!