Bridgewaters Wedding: Megan and Michael

The highest compliment I can give a wedding is that it made me wish I was a guest. Not only was I itching to get out on the dance floor with Megan and Michael — the entire affair was so stylish that I left thinking “Man, I have to get a new suit.”

Yes, I expected style from the couple that brought me the Mad Men-themed engagement shoot, complete with newspapers actually from 1963. But pair that with with a ceremony in a midtown terrace and a decorated-to-the-hilt reception at Bridgewaters, and it was a fantastic day throughout. Now about that suit…

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23 thoughts on “Bridgewaters Wedding: Megan and Michael”

  1. Just discovered your website by chance, and wanted to say how much I LOVE your work! Love the shots above of the bride in the taxi, her reflection against in the mirror and her tears during the speeches – Beautiful!

  2. just found your work from across the pond via a colleague. Classic reportage but , wow what a selection of portraits and observational images. Damn, I have to work harder!

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