Blue Hill at Stone Barns Wedding: Jingjing and Yixi

Blue Hill at Stone Barns is one of my favorite venues anywhere in the world, much less in the NYC area. When clients even mention it I start thinking about the beauty of the Rockefeller farm, and the food … oh man, the food. Jingjing and Yixi had the same thought — they wanted to have an intimate wedding for themselves and about 30 of their close friends and family, and what better way to share that experience than over a fantastic meal?

They are warm, caring and kind — the sort of people who, when doing a picture of all their Columbia friends said, “Hey, Ryan went to Columbia! Get in here!” They take the people around them and make them friends. That is a relationship I am thrilled to document. The gorgeous venue just doesn’t hurt.

Monica Justesen Photography - Stunning photos, as always!

David Stubbs - This is so inspiring Ryan, I was looking forward to a weekend off from weddings but now I just want to shoot tomorrow! Fantastic work – David Stubbs

nick hardy - as a relative newcomer to weddings (i have around 40-50 over 3 years) it’s a great rush to see photos similar ( ) to mine taken by a photographer whose level i aspire to reach. If i could get to NY i’d gladly pay to assist a shoot if only to learn a fraction of the knowledge Ryan has.

I’m looking forward to the next post as each has been better than the last.

thank you

Elissa - Ugh, stop it! I just want to marry all of your photos!! (Love that upside-down glass one!)

Nash Ruiz - Beautiful photos as always.

V Tran - Great photos! Also loving the wine glass shot.. photo must be inverted as there’s an iPhone defying gravity too (is there an app for that?).

Bastian - I love the picture with the glass. For the rest it is another example of your great work!

Gian Reyes Dionisio - You’re my idol, Ryan! :D Great job, you continue to inspire everyday!

Jarett Mutts - WOW! When I grow up, I want to be just like you. AWESOME WORK!

Geoffrey Tischman - amazing photos as always- where is that wine glass being suspended from? Awesome!

Eric McDuffie - wow, you really inspire me. great eye capture.

Tricia - Gorgeous as usual!!!

CJ Kyles - I don’t know how you have the vision to capture photos like this, but it’s just amazing. Keep up the awesome work!

Valentin Leung - Intimate and personal, I really like it.

Martin Hambleton - For me it’s the shot of the bouquet toss and the guests’ expressions. Just a great capture of a moment. But that’s just one standout in yet another strong set of wedding images.

Amir | Ottawa Wedding Photographer - great coverage as usual. really like the ceremony shots.

ingo - Amazing shots, but even my photographer boyfriend wonders how you manged to get that perfect shot in the wine glass?!