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Coming soon: Susanne and Jason at the Douglaston Club

One of the problems with the Brenizer method is that it’s hard enough to pre-visualize and execute a multi-image panorama of a portrait, and much, much harder if you want to have a sense of motion or candid dynamic emotion in the image. But no one said this job was supposed to be easy. Now […]

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Blue Hill at Stone Barns Wedding: Jingjing and Yixi

Blue Hill at Stone Barns is one of my favorite venues anywhere in the world, much less in the NYC area. When clients even mention it I start thinking about the beauty of the Rockefeller farm, and the food … oh man, the food. Jingjing and Yixi had the same thought — they wanted to […]

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Love Gives You Wings

And so, apparently, do some South American wedding traditions. Between the stunning bride and the wings she was wearing, we got some attention from New Yorkers. Nothing gets New Yorkers attention. I’ve seen topless women walk by a few blocks south of this spot with nary a startled look. But we did it. — Camera: […]

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