That Fleeting Moment: Romney, Obama, and Cardinal Dolan at the Al Smith Dinner

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Whew. I just got back from the Al Smith Dinner. I haven’t even download all of the images yet, but thanks to hyper-efficiency of the media world, this one has already been sent out to the newswires a couple hours ago. It was an amazing event and an incredible honor to have a near-exclusive eye on history, flanked only by two campaign photographers who have already made an incredible mark on history themselves: Eric Draper and Pete Souza.

Apparently, other than the debates President Obama and former Governor Romney haven’t been near each other since 2004. And they haven’t exactly been sharing a laugh during the debates. So it was a pleasure to be there for that brief moment where two fierce competitors put down their guard for a fleeting moment … and laughed about Mitt’s singing. (“It was pretty good!” according to the president).

More to come.

Camera: Nikon D3s
Lens: 24-70 f/2.8

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14 thoughts on “That Fleeting Moment: Romney, Obama, and Cardinal Dolan at the Al Smith Dinner”

  1. Ryan, this is a classic photo! Fantastic.
    At a second glance, the chandeleir presents itself as a ‘possible speech or thought bubble’ :D Possibilities!
    Perhaps it’s just my silly sense of humour!

  2. This is a “fly-in-the-wall” moment that few of us get to see (both Obama and Mitt with their guards down – well sort of). And WOW, I can’t say enough about that picture quality! ;-) A historic photo – superbly captured!

  3. Dude, come on. Really awesome and how cool is it for you to have such a privilege in life? Wow, man.

  4. Nice portrait of USA – 2 parties and the church are having fun while someone else pay the check:)

  5. Buddy if I see it right here… Romney was just about to finish his delivery of the “Father Nelson” joke?

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