Midtown Loft and Terrace Wedding: Dana and Jamie

I don’t do as many destination weddings as I could because, in NYC, destination weddings come to you. Yes, I would love to go to Scotland and shoot a crazy celebration in the lush highlands, but I could also have clients like Dana and Jamie, you bring all of their guests and the band in from Scotland to celebrate at Midtown Loft and Terrace, a five-minute walk from my studio. And on a Wednesday, no less.*

It was an amazing day, especially thanks to the guidance of planner Christine at Exquisite Affairs Productions and the help of John Edgar and assistance from Dave Paek. John actually grew up in Scotland, so he was my cultural attaché. But even he couldn’t fully translate the heavy dialect of the grandfather’s nonetheless hilarious speech.

Randy kids, wild adults, waving kilts, grand marches, and lots and lots of alcohol. All of the destination, none of the plane travel. Thank you.

*I support this trend. I’ve photographed weddings on every day of the week in 2012, which is not a common feat.

Derek Christie - Superb work as usual Ryan. Always admired your stuff and if you ARE ever in Scotland and need someone to 2nd shoot. Give me a shout.

Trent Gillespie - The forth to the last photo… Brenizer method or tilt? If brenizer, did you ask them to stay still, or did the scene afford stationary subjects?

Good job too :)

Giovanni Logrono - Very awesome as always. On the Brenizer of them by the water, is that a leaf in mid-air to the left of her?

Jolene Oldham - You are such an inspiration…another awesome shoot, but I expect no less from you. :D

Tomoaki Takagi - always brilliant and sharp,,, I love nikon d3s.

Sam Jordon II - Ryan, you are just off the charts! Sometimes I get scared to view your site just because I never know what you will come up next. Your creative mind goes into overdrive. You make me want to leave Canon and go Nikon. If I never do anything the rest of this year or next, I want to shadow you one day. I think a trip to NY from KC is worth it. Outstanding work as always.

Leigh Ann Pobiak - Lovely collection of photos. Great work.

Mary - Outstanding coverage! Back lighting on the first shot has turned out really nicely.

Paul - Nice set of photos – great work. Nice tonal range.

Liz Donald - Looks fantastic Dana! Well worth the long wait – hope you and Jamie will be happy together for ever and ever.

Robert - Ryan, how did you do the rooftop grouppic, it looks unreal. Did you say Freeze and Brenizermethod the c*** out of it? Awesome anyway, and hope you are doing allright over there in the storm!

Derek Martinez - Love your eye for details and your portraits are stunning!

Roland Hale - Love the ass grab! And the whole wedding.

Anne Morrison - wow your fotos are stunning….congratulations!(better late than never eh?)..beautiful, happy bride xx.