Christina and Brian’s Trash the CAKE session

Sometimes fate knocks on your door … and sometimes it brings cake.

I’d met the incredible cake-maker Hope from A Little Imagination Cakes at a Grace Ormonde event and I started thinking: Hey, your cakes are incredible. Why don’t we destroy one? Wouldn’t it be great to get a bride and groom just going nuts with it? Man, who could we find for that?

A couple days later, I get an e-mail from Christina. She wants to do a Trash the Dress session … but she really wants to trash it. No “just wading into a puddle and getting it a little wet.” She has a Vera Wang gown, and she wants it to go out in style.


Christina and Brian had a comic book-themed wedding, and Hope went all out to make an awesome DC-hero themed cake for them — AND recreated their fantastic save-the-date on layers of the cake itself. All this for something we were about to smash to tiny bits. That’s love of craft.

And smash we did.

This was an awesome day. Thank you Hope, thank you Christina and Brian, and thank you Dave Paek for great assistance.

sarah der - THIS IS SO DELICIOUSLY AMAZAZING!!!!!!!!! I love every bit of it.

Evelina Pentcheva - What great natural captures! Very inspiring! I love the 3rd last shot with the umbrella covered with cake and way it’s captured

Amir - Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Holy flying colorful cake Batman! Seems like they had a lot of fun.

Julianne Markow - this is awesome.

Rens Pontier - Awesome, just awesome. It really shows they had a lot of fun! :-)

Dave Paek - That was so much fun – thanks Ryan!

Jeanine A. Ringer - So incredibly cool:) It’s so great that the cake had such vivid colors in it.

Joe Dantone - Haha, I feel so bad for that Vera Wang dress but this shoot looks like it was so worth it. Awesome job as usual Ryan! Looked like it was a blast to shoot.

Cheryl Gonzalez - This was soooo awesome!!

Giorgio Violino - Wasting shooting! great Maestro :)

Ryan Clements - Favorite of the year.

Fabrice Drevon - Photographe - Super series Ryan.
BTW the cake looked visualy amazing too! :-)

Chris Cowley - Seriously awesome! I love the final umbrella shot – bet it was great fun to capture!

alex ho - wow, that looked crazy! great captures!

Abigail - This is my favorite set EVER! Nice job!

Sarah Johnson - I love EVERYTHING about this fantastic shoot! You are such an inspiring photographer.

Alex Blackwelder - amazing

Sai Kit Chu Photography - I’m always inspired by your pictures. This set brings your creativity to a whole new level!

Truly Photography - Great idea and an amazing set of images. Love the umbrella shot.

Varun Saran - You climbed a tree didn’t you? 6th row down. Awesome!

Dennis Pike - YES!

Christina & Brian Colon - BEYOND anything we could have ever imagined!!! You really are the BEST in the business!!! THANK YOU

Mikkel - Great session! I love how colorful the cake was inside. :-)

Derek Martinez - So awesome, nicely done dude!