Chateau Briand Wedding: Samantha and Tushar

When you meet Samantha and Tushar, they strike you as extremely kind, deeply in love, and a little quiet. Well, two out of three are true, at least when it comes to wedding receptions. With countless deep friendships that they’ve maintained over the years, extensive dancing, musical performances, and even an entrance via a pneumatic platform via the Chateau Briand, it was anything but a quiet reception. What else could one expect from a wedding featuring Tushar’s brother, from deep Georgia, the self-proclaimed “only Indian redneck?”

Gorgeous day, amazing people. Congratulations, you crazy kids.

Martino - Wonderfull work, full of emotions, colours and happiness… Thumbs up!

Max - Pure feelings captured! Amazing lighting!

Jenny - You inspire me! Your work is outstanding.

Elissa - Wow. You are the holy to everyone’s moly. Every frame in this post is just delicious.

Richa Kashelkar - You do know that the back-lit, bride getting ready shot with the hairspray is breathtaking, right?

Ed Pereira - Beautiful photos as usual…I could see some Fer Juaristi inspired shots in there! Especially the dark shot of the couple with the leaves on the right…amazing…

Martino Studioboda - Wonderfull and inspyring!

Michael Clegg - Ryan- your work are so incredible! You set the bar so high! As a wedding photographer too, your work/blogs are my mentor.

Chelsea Patricia - Lovely coverage, as usual :)

Kacy Jahanbini - awesome as always ryan… and I really dig the use of b+w in these.

Darryl - Your dance floor captures are jive-tastic!

Trent Gillespie - The shot of the bride looking at the camera is spot on. Good stuff.

Al - What lens did you use for the macro ring shot top left ?

Still the 60mm 2.8?

Lukas Gisbert-Mora - Another victorious battle Ryan, another happy couple I guess :)

Amir - Beautiful coverage. Love the lively reception photos. You have captured the atmosphere in a beautiful authentic way.

Ryan Brenizer - Thanks Ed! I love Fer, but he’s not the first person to put a bride in a sunbeam, haha, and I don’t think he uses a tilt-shift.

Martin Hambleton - Every time I look at your latest blogpost I think, “Wow, how did he see that shot?” or “what a great angle”. Frankly, you’re working on a different plane to the rest of us. Really inspiring work – yet again.

Rishabh Agarwal - Absolutely awesome. That shot with the lady peeking through the church door, so much emotion :)

Derek Martinez Photography - Phenomenal wedding, you really captured their day and told their story beautifully!