Central Park Boathouse wedding: Corrie and Eric

This is a story of love and sneakers. Great sneakers.

Eric is a bit of a collector, you see. He has a room full of them. And so they featured prominently in the wedding decor — and the traction came in handy, since I’d already known from Corrie’s cousin’s wedding that she’s a heck of a dancer. Take the glamour of locations like the New York Palace and Central Park Boathouse, add a ball of pure energy in bride form, and throw in some Chinese dragons? Fantastic all around.

Thanks to Julianne Markow for helping me and doing a great job!

Joe B - Even the Chinese Dragons have awesome sneakers! Love the first dance shot! The wedding should be a Nike commercial. Just Wed It!

Julianne Markow - Dude, it was amazing working with you and seeing how you do things. Even after being there that day it still amazes me to see these, you are seriously un-freaking-believably awesome.

Hendrick Moy - they’re technically chinese lions haha, but the work is amazing enough to overlook that technicality.. ;-)

Kelly Villatoro - love!

Cesur Erboyacı - Lovely

Martin David Hambleton - Do you ever take a bad photo? I seriously doubt it. Another great set of images.

Pat Sibbitts - Beautiful, beautiful pictures. I always love looking at them!

Amir | Ottawa Wedding Photographer - The reception shots have turned out great. Well done!

Samira - OMG! I love your compositions! And in NYC too. I definitely want to see more of your work!

Jennie Miles - Lovely wedding – I love the Boathouse in Central Park – how fab to be a wedding tog in NYC :)