Central Park Boathouse wedding: Corrie and Eric

This is a story of love and sneakers. Great sneakers.

Eric is a bit of a collector, you see. He has a room full of them. And so they featured prominently in the wedding decor — and the traction came in handy, since I’d already known from Corrie’s cousin’s wedding that she’s a heck of a dancer. Take the glamour of locations like the New York Palace and Central Park Boathouse, add a ball of pure energy in bride form, and throw in some Chinese dragons? Fantastic all around.

Thanks to Julianne Markow for helping me and doing a great job!

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10 thoughts on “Central Park Boathouse wedding: Corrie and Eric”

  1. Even the Chinese Dragons have awesome sneakers! Love the first dance shot! The wedding should be a Nike commercial. Just Wed It!

  2. Dude, it was amazing working with you and seeing how you do things. Even after being there that day it still amazes me to see these, you are seriously un-freaking-believably awesome.

  3. they’re technically chinese lions haha, but the work is amazing enough to overlook that technicality.. ;-)

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