Another Chance at History

081016 194536 31mm f3 2

I’ll be back as the sole independent photographer in the Al Smith Dinner tonight, with President Obama and former Governor Romney, among countless other luminaries. Watch it on C-Span at 9.

It has been an incredible honor to have an exclusive eye to history multiple times. Nervous and tremendously excited. Heck, I’m excited just to work alongside Pete Souza, let alone everything else.

Camera: Nikon D3
Lens: 24-70 f/2.8

Zach Sutton - Wow! Quite the honor. Congrats!

Chelsea Patricia - I love this. GO YOU for catching this moment so perfectly!

Martin - Good luck Ryan!

Brent Chapman - Good luck tonight. I’ll know you’ll do awesome as always. See if you can get them to stand still long enough to do a B Method on them. lol

Aden Priest - Good luck man!

Patrick Downs - Nice. No pressure… you do huge weddings, fercriminysake!

Hannah Stonehouse Hudson - I would throw up. Have fun! :) hee hee.

Rosita Monzon - It’s a beautiful photo too.

Mike Pollan - Nice…

Patrick Downs - Shooting all available? The light looks decent at least, thankfully.

Brian Di Croce - Can you freelense Obama for us?

Nathan Mitchell - yeah man, Souza is something else! Good luck!

Bill Duffany - Man, Ryan; you just go from high power couple to high power couple… Congrats! We’re thrilled for you and honored to know you. Can’t wait to see your work!

timothy Ryan - Proud of you Ryan! I’m from Dannemora! Was friends with your Mom and uncle Mike! Tim

Fabrice Drevon - Such an honor indeed!
Big big fan of Obama.