Trump SoHo wedding: Jody and Simon

Jody and Simon are that special sort of couple that can work together, play together, spend every waking moment together, and still laugh and love every moment. Honestly I can barely stand myself for that long, so it’s amazing to see that sort of bond in a couple. They wanted to put on a grand show to celebrate this union with their loved ones, and what better show than the 46th floor of the Trump SoHo, the best seat in the house for New York’s July 4th fireworks show?

I knew that Jody and Simon had a wicked sense of humor, but I hadn’t known how much it carried through to their families, with Simon’s daughters in particular keeping assistant Jake Whyman and I laughing throughout the day.

It was a beautiful, perfect day to spend with Jody and Simon, their friends and family, and 5.5 million home viewers.

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16 thoughts on “Trump SoHo wedding: Jody and Simon”

  1. AWESOME! This couple looks like they are a blast! BTW, I really think you should find a way to team up with those storm chaser dudes in “tornado ally” and see what kind of awesome footage you get. These storm pictures are phenominal.

  2. Guh! That bride could be dressed in rags and still be glowing by her smile alone. The First Look got me a little misty eyed, too.

  3. Hilarious indeed! These people have got such spirit. I love how you showcased their personalities and the sense of fun!

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