Teaser: Shoot with Sophisticated Weddings, Kleinfeld Bridal, and more

120912 173348 12mm f22

I had a grand old time shooting a cover and some inside editorial photos for Sophisticated Weddings’ New York Edition yesterday. This is broadway and tv actress Synthia Link sporting a gown from Kleinfeld’s bridal, one of the many fabulous dresses they donated to the shoot (yes, we said “yes” to them.) Thanks also to Maria Perry Atelier, Ariston Flowers, Oasis Day Spa, Lisa Hubbard and Jessica Vargas for their help. This was a blast.

I’m not giving too much away here … I had to shoot under very different constraints for layout of the cover photo. But I had a horizontal in my heart.

More to come.

Camera: Nikon D3s
Lens: Sigma 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6

Bryce W. - Absolutely…Stunning!

Dennis Pike - This is crazy good.

I’m also unusually drawn to the soft light and subtle tones on the rock.

Shai Ben-Naphtali - You are definitely an inspiration to myself and many many more :)

robertlundell.com - This is just insane :)! Love the little water detail on the left!

Kristin Nazario - looks awesome here. Glad I clicked over instead of settling for the fb view.

Tobias Bugala - do you want to share how you lit it? It has to be 2 different images for the rocks and the girl, no?

Thomas Michael Ahern - Wow, beautiful curve and wonderfully simple colors!

marie - wow gorgeous lighting!

David Walters - Love the dramatic lighting. Thanks for all you do!

Devon - I love this shot, what a super example of strobist work!