Sneak peek from the Nikon D600

120921 181214 85mm f1 4A

I did a shoot with the new Nikon D600 today. Had a great time with it, and lots more to come very soon, but I can’t wait until my favorite RAW converters start supporting it. Luckily I use custom camera profiles in-camera, and the JPGs aren’t too shabby.

My first pet peeve is that you can’t make the photographic Live View reflect the exposure how the photo will actually look, but I’m finding some work-arounds.

Camera: Nikon D600
Lens: Nikon 85mm f/1.4G

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9 thoughts on “Sneak peek from the Nikon D600”

  1. for the live histogram, I don’t think Nikon will ever put it in “entry camera” I don’t really understand why and it’s a feature that is essential with manual lens without a katzeye. Talking about Katzeye Do you think, Ryan it’s something you’ll find handy for manual focus aids?

  2. gee, what’s the point of live view if you can’t see a… hmm, LIVE VIEW of what the finished product will look like? weird. well I heart my d800’s and always enjoy your incredibly thorough, honest and good-humored reviews so I still await this one!

  3. After waiting (a looong time) for a decent upgrade from crop sensor to full frame (I have a much loved Canon 7D and don’t want the 5D II, can’t afford the Mark 3 and the 6D appears underwhelming) I may skip over to the Nikon side with the D600. My only gripe is the Liveview feature. 7D’s Liveview is stellar. If all else fails, I can just take everyone’s 7D they’ll likely throw away for used Mark 2’s and 6D’s. The small treasure of a photographer.

  4. Are there any advantages other than MP and size/weight that you can see over the D800? I currently duel wield a D4 and D800, but I am not super happy with the D800. If this at least matches the D800 in usability and autofocus, I might trade down to the D600. Thoughts?

  5. Been shooting with the D600 for a couple days. Came from a Canon 7D. I’m loving the image quality. However, I can’t stand that the rear LCD screen turns off every time I hit the shutter button half way. I use the rear lcd often since my eyes are not great. Canon lets you keep it on all the time. I also hate that Nikon clusters their cross type focus points in the center. However, the D600 makes a great picture.

  6. Hi Ryan,

    I know you are extremely busy, now that Lightroom supports the d600 will you be able to give us a full review ? Your reviews are the best for wedding photographers. I’m trying to figure out whether I can get away with using it as my primary. Or just go all out into debt to get the d4 thanks Mark

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