She’s Got Kelsie Fields Eyes…


Some of you may remember Kelsie from my adventures in Boise. Well, she’s been visiting the city and is off to Italy soon, so I knew we had to shoot even though my schedule is crazy. I’ve been inspired by the Brenizer method contest, so I wanted to get a bit ambitious with it. Thanks to perspective and parallax error (among other things), it isn’t easy to use this technique from close-up. But of course the closer you are, the more dramatic the effect. Here I really wanted to show the sort of depth-of-field effect that you can only get in one shot with a large format camera and some really exotic lenses, all calling attention to those darned eyes.

Kelsie, by the way, is an insanely talented singer. You’ll be hearing more from her. And more photos to come.

Camera: Nikon D3s
Lens: 12-image “Brenizer method” panorama with the Nikon 85mm f/1.4G (equivalent of 39mm f/0.56 according to Brett’s calculator)

  • Paul Krol


  • Dylan Howell

    I’m in awe. this photo has such a timeless look.. are you sure its not 4×5?

  • Aaron DuRall

    Facebook really has to get their image quality under control. The difference between this one and that which you posted on Facebook is vast. It’s amazing how different the clarity is.

    Really love this one. It reminds me of another, older BM shot of a woman looking through some shades that you have on here. I also really love this B&W treatment. It’s very dreamy and almost old school cover/pin-up girl-esque. I get a major 50′s vibe from it.

  • Christopher Foltz

    Wonderful shot! The lighting is superb and your are just drawn to her.

  • Khanh Ng

    Beautiful shot

  • Giovanni Logrono

    This looks great! What was the light source on it? Was this another one with the flash fired from the Window across?

  • Sunitha Fotoblog

    You are a magician and a huge inspiration Ryan!

  • Samir Atabey


  • Davide

    The beauty of this image is that it still has a somehow normal look, not much like the dreamy results you usually get from you brenizer pictures. The elegance of her look is absolute. Very well done as always

  • Martin Hambleton

    I love Film Noir, and you’ve totally nailed that look. Her eyes are totally mesmeric. It’s a real pleasure to look at this image. Thanks.