Circles within Circles

Melanie and David at the Dream Downtown.

Camera: Nikon D3s
Lens: 45mm f/2.8 PC-E

Barrosinc - Awesome buddy! I love the tiltshifted pics

Phil - This is pure genius. Love it!

Mike Swiegot - Nice! Love the creativity!

Fabrice Drevon - Photographe - Wow wow wow Ryan, this is seriously beautiful (and so clever with the PC-E!)!
Love it!

Tiara Mejos - love this!

Heidi Herlihy Alger - Simple yet not ordinary. A touch of extra elegance.

Oli - Knocked my face off. Perfect use of TS… damn.

Avianti Jewelry - Stunning! Very creative photo!

Craig Cacchioli - Love the TS usage for this great shot (the perfectionist in me would have to align the chandelier with the window!)

Amir - Nice lighting and great use of the T/S. Eye-catching.

Ivor Tetteh-Lartey - Fabulous composition, the light resembles a large diamond ring.

Adam Baruh - Awesome, and the tilt-shift is really great in this shot!

Lem Lynch - Great composition! Love how you have played around with focus/blur.

ashley ryen-meyer - Perfect! I love the way you connected the materials above and behind the couple. It really gave a great picture!

iNSIXIANGMY - This has to be my favorite photo of yours to date Ryan. You are so inspiring!

kristensue - I like the way you used that whole for this lovely couple. And the light above them, I agree with Ivor, it looks like a ring which happens to be an important element in a wedding. It’s a photo to keep.

ashleyryenmeyer - Really nice capture! The way you connect the materials were really admirable! It simply compliments the feeling of the couple. Great shot!