The Garrison wedding: Uvinie and Gniewko

Even after more than 250 weddings, I’ve had surprisingly few repeats of couples’ name combinations … but I could probably do a million more without getting another Uvinie and Gniewko.

Their day itself was just as unique, blending together Sri Lankan, Polish, and modern American traditions surprisingly seamlessly. Gniewko himself drew all the table numbers with intricate designs, he followed the Buddhist drummers perfectly, and Uvinie was perfectly willing to play the Polish game of “vodka or water?” (The glasses are switched randomly, and the one who gets the vodka supposedly has the upper hand in the relationship. Or at least looser dance moves at the reception.)

Every time I shoot along the Hudson it seems like the weather does crazy things — wind or cold or searing heat. We started with a taste of Sri Lanka with the blistering weather, but as it cooled it changed into a sunset so dramatic that the entire reception stopped to gawk at it. I had to tone down most of the images of it, because out-of-camera the colors looked too brilliant to be believable. If anyone out there is planning a wedding at Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, I think I’m properly trained for it now.

Thanks to Jashim Jalal, who did a fantastic job helping me out.

Amir - Looks fantastic. Great coverage.

/mariahedengren - Wow! What details, what colors! Love the photo of the couple bowing. Awesomely done!!!

Walter Burks - VERY beautiful wedding! I love the photos with the red sky, amazing work!

Jayson Merryfield - Beautiful, vibrante, ELECTRIC images, and just so much of the couples personality is coming through these pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Sean Molin - DAT SKY.

Veronica Varos - Amazing, amazing. And that bride is stunning!

Robert Kilmer - I didn’t think it was possible, but there is no denying… you are actually getting better. As in… better than superlative.

Denis Adonis - I just can say WOW!!!! So beautiful photos, so vivid colors!, You are such a good photographer!!! A big hug from Valparaíso :)

Saul Valdez - Wonderful work.

Caryn - Seriously?! Your work just isn’t fair! SO amazing! That sky is stunning & I love the recessional shot!

Blake Burton - I love the one of them bowing at the ceremony. The little part of her face you see is great. wonderfully done!

Jennifer - Fantastic, Ryan! Wow — how ’bout that super red sky? She is stunning, he is dashing, but my fave people might be the two festively dressed dudes leading the processional.

Kat Braman - so many awesome moments but the two that really grabbed me are the shot of her walking down the stairs and the baby with the stroller in the background.

Kevin Lane - That last shot is just awesome. If it is possible I am going to attempt it tomorrow at an evening wedding.

rich - wow – so friggin nice!

nick - amazing as always. seriously, so good. I’m in love with the huge pano with the couple and the tree. awesome.

coler - The diversity of your skills is inspiring.

nate - oh my word, looks like a blast. gorgeous works as always.

Neil Redfern - You never fail to amaze with your images. It’s so nice to see such colourful, vibrant and creative images. Brilliant!

Phillip Gao - Ryan, hi from Melbourne, Australia! I’m a wedding photographer here and your photos are my inspiration. You manage to capture special moments that are fleeting. Let me know if you’re ever down here – I’ll gladly shout you a beer!

Bridget Francis - Wow! So many favourite shots – so inspiring, thank you!

Eric - Great pictures! Just curious, are you doing anything different with post processing? Your pictures are always excellent, but for some reason these seem to have a tad bit more dynamic range, detail or punch…?

Sorry to ask… Any D800 or D4 shots?

Ryan Brenizer - Thanks Eric! I’m always evolving slowly, trying new things around the edges while trying to keep continuity. These were all D3s.

Casi Lark - Every single shot is just dreamy!

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