Princeton University Wedding: Heather and AJ

Raised first like Huckleberry Finn in the middle of nowhere, and then in tiny upstate hamlets, I fell in love with New York City as soon as I could get there, and have never felt even a twinge of regret about my NYC alma maters of Fordham and Columbia … except sometimes when I stroll the more audaciously beautiful parts of Princeton’s campus. Heather and I geekily bonded from the start, when she mentioned she was a classics major and I started reciting the opening of the Iliad from memory. (It gets geekier — I may have let out an audible sigh of jealousy when her bridesmaids started talking about bonding during classes taught by Elaine Pagels).

If two people can have a laugh over jokes that use Agamemnon as a punchline, it’s no surprise that John and I had a fantastic time at this wedding. Their ceremony was in the opulent Princeton Chapel with an intimate reception at the Prospect House, with a jazzy band and and endless stream of great food. Like every other wedding you’ll see here for the next few weeks, it was blisteringly hot, but it didn’t slow them down — she even took all of the bridesmaids out for crack of dawn yoga that morning.

I was happy to have John Edgar along as a second-shooter again — it’s always easier to get a laugh out of a couple when you can poke fun at the Canadian. Also thanks to Rafael Javier for a great job assisting and running the photo booth, including an epic amount of driving.

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14 thoughts on “Princeton University Wedding: Heather and AJ”

  1. Ryan Brenizer es uno de mis fotógrafos FAVORITOS. Tiene una capacidad enorme para hacer imágenes ASOMBROSAS en situaciones cotidianas.
    Ojala te guste su trabajo de MATRIMONIOS, a mi me impresiona. Si te gusta, compartelo, o presiona el botón que facebook nos regaló “ME GUSTA”.
    Un abrazo enorme desde Valparadise y gracias por tu tiempo :)

  2. I can’t seem to have enough of those backlit shots of the bride getting a dose of hairspray. Your vision is truly unique.

  3. Ha, love the guy in the blue check shirt at the… one minute he appears to be in a tender embrace and then his face is all screwed up and his expression is saying “when will this end?” Funny… lots of other great shots in here besides though, fab work

  4. that flower girl reminds me of me when I was forced to be in a dress and made to “sit pretty”, now I love dresses lol.

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