Guastivino’s Wedding: Julia and Dean

I said that Danielle and Spencer’s wedding was the wildest one I’d ever been to. But what I love about NYC is that you don’t need to go around the world to find splendor and beauty, craziness and fun, when I can walk down the street to venues like Guastivino’s, the fantastic setting of Julia and Dean’s wedding. And I love that there are people like Julia, Dean, and their friends walking around this city, being all respectable and proper Manhattanites … and then, when it comes down to it, oh man, can they dance.

I had a fantastic time with Julia and Dean throughout the whole process, from the engagement shoot where he surprise-re-proposed to her (so he could “do it right” that time) to just chilling and laughing with them in the limo. (What I don’t love about NYC is that it can turn a one-mile trip to the reception into a 45-minute journey.)

It was a gorgeous and stylish day throughout, from the beginnings at the W New York Union Square to their impeccable eye for detail and jewelry (Dean is in the biz). But nothing will stand out more than the all-pervading, ligament-stretching, constant fun they all had.

Thanks again to Valerie Sebestyen for assisting!

Max - Very nice, once again!

Kristopher Gerner - It just keeps getting better & better.

Joseph Delgado - Those reception shots are killer!!!!!

Christian - Probably my favorite of any of your weddings I’ve seen. Seriously awesome. Every frame.

Erika Delgado - I really enjoyed stopping by your site today…You’re an amazing photographer! And fab wedding :)

Fred Emery - Great as usual…. thanx for your incredible work…. D3s & D800?

Lukas Gisbert-Mora - I just can’t figure out how you achieve this lighting and effect with all the photos you do. It’s incredible! Will this be cover in your workshop? Any news with London?

Svetla Ilieva - Great! Magnifecent work!

Walter Burks - This are so good! What an amazing wedding. Love the dancing shots and that shoe shot at the top is awesome!

Julianne Markow - So much awesomeness.

Anonymous - Ryan, You should do a “tutorial” or breakdown of your hairspray shots and the lighting! I’ve seen these before, but yours are the BEST! by far!

Minh - Your work continues again and again to inspire me. Beautiful Ryan !

Natalie Gibbs - Ryan, what I love about your work is that every shot is special and bold and dramatic… even when it’s a shot of shoe. Fabulous. The portrait with the rushing taxi cab is so much fun, and as always, your dance shots rock.

Alyssa Schroeder - You’re just too good. I love the shot with the hairspray and the ring shot is gorgeous… all the moments at the reception, so fun!

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - They make one beautiful couple. And that last shot is just precious. Well done as always :)

Nick - Kick-ass work as usual, Ryan! And I LOVE that last shot.

benj haisch - so so so good. every single one of your wedding deserves to be in a magazine.

Dan - Hot stuff. Your couples sure know how to have fun.

Alicia Adamopoulos - Loving this as always. Just pure awesome.

Peter Lippert - I see always these Spray-shots. You like them, don’t you?
I like them too! You give me everytime inspiration, Thank you! Peter

Dan Cheung - Tilt-shift ceremony from afar caught my attention.

Kandid - Great coverage Ryan! The reception shots have nicely captured the atmosphere of the wedding.

Kim - This bride has such a beautiful warmth to her, she feels familiar without me knowing hardly anything about her.

Nora - Great work as always! Every time I view your work it makes me want to go to NY more and more.

Elissa Rïnehart - This is crazysauce. So good. That reception photo where the guy is basically doing the splits while carried in the air is up there in my all-time favorites.

Suvriti Gupta - Amazing pictures as always. What is the light source used in the dancing shots.