Brenizer Method Contest Results: Honorable Mentions, Part 1

Whew! After several rounds of judging between myself, Nordica Photography, Feather and Stone Photography, and Sam Hurd*, we have winners chosen for the contest!

First, I want to show you some of the honorable mentions. The impetus for this contest was to show that, once you get the mechanics of the Brenizer method down (instructional video here), the important thing is to go out and take some good pictures that show your unique vision. It’s not easy, but it’s been great to see what others have done with it, so I wanted to highlight that work here.

So, before we announce our winners, we’ve come up with 20 Honorable Mentions, great photos showing off different approaches, that I hope will give you some ideas about how to apply this to your own work. Here are the first 10, with more to come. Thank you so much to everyone who entered — this will not be the last contest!

Most of all, thanks again to B&H for sponsoring.

*Sam was nice enough to help judge instead of enter even though, let’s face it, a Brenizer Method portrait of George Clooney is sort of a ringer.

2012 0329 Oliver 070 075 pano3

By: Kacy Jahanbini
Shot info: Six-image pano shot on a Nikon D300 with a Sigma 85 f/1.4

120702 165752

By: Alex Bee
Shot Info: Nine-image pano, shot on a Canon 5DII with 135mm f/2L

120531 193359

By: David Childers
Shot info: 16-image pano, shot with a 50mm f/1.8 on a Canon 5D

120625 165158

By: Crowley Photography
Shot info: 55-image pano, shot with a 50mm f/1.4 (at f/1.8) on a Canon 5D

Orry brit2 brenizer submission

By: Michael Jurick
Shot info: 74-image pano, shot with a 85mm f/1.8 on a Canon 5D Mark III

120529 004329

By: Ryan Kwong
Shot info: 28 images, shot with a 85mm f/1.8G on a Nikon D7000

120504 231116

By: The Markows
Shot info: 24 images, shot with a 135mm f/2 on a Canon 5D Mark II

120523 132712  2

By: Ryan Kim
Shot info: 20 shots with an 85mm f/1.2 on a Canon 5D Mark II

120523 132711  1

By: Ryan Kim
Shot info: 36 shots with a 70-200 2.8L IS II on a Canon 5D Mark II

120414 164010

By: Kacy Jahanbini
Shot info: 13-image pano shot on a Nikon D300 with Sigma 85 f/1.4

Joe Marshall - These are Fantastic examples of this effect! I have yet to experiment with it, but I think I’m inspired now!
Joe Marshall
Marshall Photography
Wichita KS

Brent Chpaman - Those are awesome. I tried one at my last wedding but it didn’t turn out quite right. I may try a few of these this weekend.

Richa Kashelkar - Gasp! The last one is SCREAMING to be framed in the couple’s living room!

Jose Rosado-Photographer - Love the first one, dude looks like a young Willem Dafoe; such character!

MuTafotografia - the one before last picture looks great.

Aaron DuRall - These are so awesome! Ryan Kim’s second one is mind blowing. The top image is also gorgeous and landing it with the dog in there SOLD me! I want to say, however, that ALL of them rule! Hats off to everyone! Can’t wait to see the second round along with the winners. Keeping my fingers crossed! :)

Air Butchie - These are all amazing… Love Ryan Kim’s reflection off the water… Well done ya’ll…

Christine Deaton Moody - In love with that first one!

Paula O'Hara - Fantastic portrait of Oliver Jeffers!

pixelmixture - the second one from ryan kim is really really great ….

Kim - If these are the honorable mentions, then I have to say I’m glad I forgot to enter because there’s no way I would’ve stood a chance against these entries, let alone whoever the winners are!

Craig Cacchioli - All great shots but Ryan Kim’s shot steals it if there was to be a winner in this round. He just has some of that special sauce that makes a Brenizer method photo “work”

Gold Hat Photography - It must be an amazing feeling when you pioneer a technique loved (and imitated) by so many! Looks like you’ve got some good competition on your hands here Ryan ;-)

Glenn Orion - Wow. My heart was pounding as I scrolled through the shots. And then I read the text. Phew! Don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but I can’t wait to see the rest of the entries!