Boston Public Library Wedding: Erika and Chip Tear Up the Place

You may remember Erika and Chip from their first wedding, marred by Hurricane Irene.

Well, they gave it another go at the Boston Public Library, and it was fantastic.

No Photoshop compositing here. Normally I would enjoy any debates on this, but my mother is a super-powered librarian, so I’ll note that I visualized this shot the second I walked into the reading room, and had my second Jason Kan go to Barnes and Nobles and buy some books we could use for this.

Lens: Nikon 28mm f/1.8G
Camera: Nikon D3s

Craig Cacchioli - Glad you added a note about buying some books… I feared for the life of those library books!!! Love the shot… VERY reminiscent of the photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt in Times Square in 1945 of a nurse being kissed by a sailor… you know the one, yeah you do :)

Martin Hambleton - Wow, what a different take on the confetti shot!

Dennis Pike - This may be my favorite wedding photo ever.

Jeanette - Amazing vision and execution!

Rhys - This is just plain terrific.

Johanna - You are a GENIUS! Love this sooo much!

Trond-Daniel Kastnes Kvalvik - So cool! How was the lighting setup? Continuous light?
Is the D3s still you main camera? No D4?

Nessa Kessinger - You’re amazing.

Tom Bass - Cheryl, the black areas around the paper on the top half of the frame act as visual lines that help lead the eye to the couple. You see those same lines spelled out clearly on the floor, but you have to “fill in the blanks” so to speak on the top half. The top half also introduces the element of chaos which contrasts with the couple cemented to the ground, oblivious to it because they’re in love. If there were less negative space around the paper, the paper would become more of a backdrop than anything, and would lose most of this meaning.

caroline - daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang Ryan!!!!

Sara Kelly Johns - Thanks for using books purchased for the shot…I would be cringing if there was any doubt, of course…but you knew that. GREAT shot! You have such creativity and they went right along with it…

Colin Povey - Great shot. Did you throw the papers in? Are they suspended on wires? Did you do this with Photoshop and a black or green screen? Inquiring minds want to know!

Heidi Herlihy Alger - Will we get to see more? I absolutely loved the hurricane photos.

Lauren Kinde - That’s how a dip should be done! Love it!

Joe B - This is why we need books instead of Nooks and Kindles – For shots like that. Absolutely amazing. I would tell people that all the torn up papers were Hurricane Irene clippings! Ha!

Tim Kamppinen - You are the f***ing man. Incredible shot.

Max - Awesome buddy! super creative

Colin Povey - Were the pages just thrown into the air, or were they on strings or something to suspend them? If thrown, how did you keep the area in front of the B&G clear-was it just luck? How many takes, about? Single SB-900? It appears the main light was backlighting them, did you use a reflector for fill? Very well done, BTW.

Kandid Weddings - Fantastic idea and great execution. well done!

V Tran - Amazing shot and very creative use of the space!

Jason - Holy. Moly.

Angie - Really awesome shot!!

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