The Sky Right Now

Not Photoshopped to heck; it actually looks like that. 23 images with a new lens I’m testing for B&H (the Tamron 24-70 VC).

You can buy a print of this here. For this I recommend a wide print like the 12×24″. The watermark will not be in the printed image.

Well, hello entire world. Nice to meet you. Here’s another one for people still looking. Single image:

(buy a print here)

Aram Stith - wow, on a blog FILLED with amazing photos this stands out.

Emi@1314 - Awesome photo! Just curious, what lens are you testing?

Klick Studios, Inc. - Photos can define a career, I wish you the best and that this shot of the NYC skyline does just that for you.


Sezin Koehler - Please put a watermark on this photo so that we can share and not steal your thunder. Pun intended. ;-)

One of the most amazing captures I’ve ever seen. Ryan, you are blessed.



Eric Faber - Is there any way I can get a high res copy of this photo? It would make an incredible background for my dual monitor set-up.

Rick Miller - Wow!

Manny DeJesus - shot came out amazing,

Brandon Farmer - How do I get this photo printed?

Doug Levy - 28 1.8?

Cyndy Earnshaw - NY right now…… WoW Charlie Earnshaw.

Steinn Eldjárn Sigurðarson - No HDR either?

Michael Doyle - That’s a still from Ghostbusters.

Alexander Chee - Incredible.

David J. Peebler - Saw it with me own eyes!

Bob Lentini - I am an amateur photographer…what were the settings for this picture? Awesome photo

Craig Cacchioli - Looks amazing. Can’t believe that this hasn’t had that much PS to bring it out like this.

Matt Bresler - It’s not HDR, the sky was like this.

Marc Emory - Who’re you going to call?

Shivian M. B. Morgan - Ugh! It took forever (read: 10 seconds) to dig through your page’s code (since I couldn’t right click) to download that image… wish you (instead) didn’t disable right clicking. I’m sure it deters some people, but hell… Facebook has a “download” link on all your photos so it’d be nice to see the same here :-)

Stewart Butterfield - I, for one, would pay top dollar to have a large super-high quality of print of this.

coyote - All hail Gozer…!

Kayte Hansen - Amazing shot! Reminds me a bit of Ghostbusters…ok I just totally aged myself but an amazing picture nonetheless!

Bigdady1 - Looks amazing it’s very hard to believe its real

Joseph - Gotham city looks amazing! =)

gerardo huertas - Good fotos and nace

amiin - Wow masha Allah amazing photo

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Michael Reid - Incredibly beautiful…

Michelle - Looks like a Batman movie right before a big brawl between good and evil is about to begin, I love it,capture more….

brian - amazing shot! were you taking these from the pulaski bridge, by any chance?

Margo Ross - Wonderful shot .*.*)x

Joel Daniel Inwood - I can’t be the only one that looks at this and immediately thinks Ghostbusters!

Jay Callaghan - beautiful shot. Even if it is HDR who cares. Photography is art and sometimes a little post production helps make a photo a work of art – and, IMO, that is the case here. Beautiful sky and a very nicely put together panorama. Amazing how Photoshop can take that many images and seamlessly stitch them together so effortlessly. Keep up the good work.

Judy Herron - Breathtaking!

John Barwood - Man, I have just discovered you and your work in the last few weeks. You are proving to be a total inspiration photographically and personally…Thanks.

Gregory David Loughran - Pretty dark scarry

Daniel Berry, NYC - WOW. it looks like we were about to be sucked up into the sky!

Deron Sizemore - How is this 23 images? Different exposures photoshopped together as one?

Adrian Hillier - Staggering!

Cindi McCarty Smith - Great image! In the olden days we had to use special lens and some magic in the darkroom to get something even.
close to that kind of effecct. Terrific!

Michael Tranchina - Beautiful shot! What camera did you use for this shot?

Minal Mehta - Absolutely fantastic… em..cheers to u Ryan..

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Neil Redfern - Wow – what a sky, it’s like the end of the world…!

Jonathan - Hey Ryan! What’s your secret to getting great colours directly out of the camera without photoshop? By the way, I’m a Nikon D90 user. Hope to hear from you!

Noelle Goveia - Wow- these photos are absolutely stunning!

Veronica Piteo - Guau muy buenas!

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Kishen Shen - beautiful shot…Ryan..thankz f0r the link…..

Bob Patzelt - Beautiful shot created as a result of Chem Clouds —Google it!

baraka - what a beutiful world!