NYC Yale Club Wedding: Nicole and Dave

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in midtown for Nicole and Dave’s Yale Club wedding — gorgeous enough that a marching band and gang of dancers got in on the action.

Nicole’s best friend and maid-of-honor Sharrone runs wedding videography studio Fiore Films, so she had some insider help on creating an absolutely gorgeous, elegant wedding. It was the sort of day where laughter flows into crying and back again, where hugs threaten to crack spines. The sort of day I love to document.

The reception was fantastic, largely due to the incredible performances of the Hudson Project wedding band. I can’t wait to cross their paths again.

Valerie Sebestyen was back shooting with me for this wedding, and for most of June. Always nice to bring that Oklahoma cheeriness to a Manhattan day.

Nicole & Dave | Yale Club from Fiore Films on Vimeo.

Elissa - This wedding is so gooood! I’m kind of in love with that park photo (and her dress).

bryan - amazing as usual. love the shot of them in the park with the skyline in the background.

benj haisch - totally dig that dress, plus your work is always great.

stacey - stunning bride. amazing photos. typical Ryan Brenizer.

Walter Burks - These pictures are awesome. I LOVE the skyline shot. Great video as well!

Rubén Nicolás Vásquez Escobar - Wonderful job Bryan! I love it!

Laura Parente - absolutely, totally, wonderfully, awesome…..

Mary Sylvia - I’m in love with the dress, such a perfect pick for her! Gorgeous coverage, I’m especially in love with what I think? Is the brenizer shot six lines down…so lovely.

Lisa - Beautiful… beautiful day, beautiful venue, beautiful dress, stunning couple! Your work is, as always, amazing!

Maia - Stunning…all of it! Love these.

Amanda Basteen - I love the tilt shift shot of her opening the curtains and the reflection shot. SO pretty!

Fabrice Drevon - Wow totally amazed by the video too. Bravo!

Maria Popadiyska - Inlove with the video, just amazing… and the photos… stunning

naomi - glorious work, ryan! love the photo of the bride in the car, and the two small photos underneath it.

Hassan Hakeem - Wonderful!

Shawn Williams Bowen - Stumbled upon your blog this morning. What a fabulous story you’ve told without even saying a word. Your photography is fabulous!

heather nan - Oh, that dress! Dying. Incredible coverage Ryan.

Kim - Jeez! One photo in and you already blew my mind with this post.

geneoh - you are the master of bride in the car shot. seriously.

Lara - That first shot is just wow!
And I particularly love the shot in the park. Home run.

Becky Male - ‘Gawjus’ ! Wonderful photography, I love all the emotion and the richness of the colour in your photography.

Kandid Weddings - Great set of shots Ryan! wonderful coverage.


David Stubbs Photography - First time I have seen your blog. I’m blown away! amazing photos.