Lightning Strikes Twice

120704 221806 85mm f1 6B
After the fireworks, Mother Nature decided to put on her own show.

Hand-held. I managed to hold my 85mm at 1/10th of a second, but still not an easy thing to capture. As much as I’d like to say this was all skill, photography is the art of being prepared to be lucky.

Lens: Nikon 85mm f/1.4G
Camera: Nikon D3s

Max - That is insane!!
Stop making us look bad!!

Kim - Dude, SERIOUSLY? I wish we had storms like this in Portland.

Juan Maria Ribero Nogueira - excellent! what ISO?

Studio 19 - This would make for a great magazine spread ˆ–ˆ(awesome shot by the way – 1/10th? nice!)

Charles Tagliarino - Unbelievable photo, just remarkable!

Bryce Wade - Amazing photo, Ryan. Looking to capture a few bolts of my own since ‘Monsoon Season’ is starting up here in AZ.

Ivan Leon - Great shoot. Amazing show.

Adam L. More - What camera was used to shoot this, and at what ISO? I see a bit of banding o.O.

Lisa - Very cool!

Brian - Had you Brenizered the photograph, I’d still would’ve believed you. Flash-composited the shot? Yeah, that too. Beautiful shot Ryan!

Maria Leinen - That is absolutely stunning, especially the lit up cloud!

Karthik Rajagopal - How did you manage to shoot exactly when the lightning struck?

rich - holy cow – seriously? this photo and the fact that you captured it so perfectly is blowing my mind. amazing shot!

Alvah Reida - How in the world did you hold an 85mm still at 1/10th! You must have some ninja skills or something haha.

Neil Redfern - Wow, that is stunning!! The fact it was handheld is even more incredible! Steady as a rock :-)

Dylan - Amazing, the detail in the clouds and the top lightning bolt are so beautiful.. Skillz

brett maxwell - back to the 85G, huh?

Robert Lundell - Amazing!

I wonder if you could make a post about ethic and rules that I as a wedding photographer should be aware of. At my first wedding I was very nervous to be in the way of something. As a photographer I want to be as invisible as possible and you seems to have find the secret of that : ).

sandra - stunning!

Jack Chauvel - Epic!

Harold Tolmie - I believe God’s light show far exceeds man-made light shows by a trillion miles! :-D