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Gorgeous day at the Bryant Park Grill. As another example of how staggeringly massive and detailed photos are when you combine the D800 with the Brenizer method, here is a 100 percent crop:

Camera: Camera: Nikon D800
Lens: 52-image “Brenizer method” panorama with the Nikon 85mm f/1.4G (equivalent of 28mm f/0.45 according to Brett’s calculator)

brett maxwell - it’s ironic that you’ve got a shot well over 100mp, and yet 90% of the frame is out of focus. most detailed bokeh ever!

Ryan Brenizer - I like my bokeh nice and detailed. This photo is 364 MP.

Gary McFarland - That’s astonishing.

Kristopher Gerner - Is that the Dynamic Range of the D800, or is that photography at it’s finest?

Louis Christodoulou - Stunning as always, capable gear only shows its worth in capable hands!

Le canu Mickael - Grandiose, c’est incroyable d’avoir autant de détail. Je suis toujours stupéfait par la qualité de tes photos, tu est un example pour beaucoup d’entre nous .

Andrew Keane - WOW

Mark Dickinson - I know you hate th compression on fb, but what is your base export? 2048x or are you exporting a smaller res and file size to avoid their compression? I’m still trying to fine tune it but every shot seems a little differently shot so not comparing apples2a

Jason - Nice buddy! *Beautifully* framed photo, great use of light. Love this shot.

Natalie Champa Jennings - Lovely shot. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jon - WOW…. such an awesome effect. I’ll be trying my first one this weekend!

Ronald Romances Johnson - Love love love this! There is such perfection in this photo that this looks like a mini scene of a cake and they are the cake topper! Nice work Ryan; as always!

Scott Nicolas - Awesome frame, and great detail!

Owen Robert Cherry - Wonderful, as always! Funny enough though, this is the first of your bokeh panos where I find the background distracting (ie. the people on the beach and especially the red blob). Have you considered removing any of this?

Krista Cleary Yagci - D A N G.