Bryant Park Grill wedding: Chika and Andrew

This feels like a long time coming. When I first photographed Chika and Andrew, they knew they were getting married … someday. In some hemisphere. But that was about it. You see, even though their ties to the U.S. and New York run deep, they currently happily live in Japan.

Sadly I didn’t travel to Japan, but they did one better and came to me. In fact they figured out their wedding based on my schedule — always the highest honor I can receive, much more meaningful than any award. And we had a gorgeous day at the Bryant Park Grill, deep in the frenetic energy of a midtown summer.

I figured from knowing them that this would be a fun day. I figured from meeting Chika’s friends that it would be a crazy dance floor. But I admit I was totally surprised that the true life of the party was Chika’s dad. That guy can tear it up.

It was a fantastic capstone on a long journey for me and a longer one for them … and hey, there’s always room for a Tokyo anniversary shoot.

  • Arol Horkavy

    The last shot is killer. Nice work, Ryan!

  • Elizabeth

    Amazing shots, as always! I LOVE this bride! Classy and edgy with great fashion sense! Looks like a great wedding.

  • Teresa K

    Well I guess we know where her vivaciousness comes from….go Dad!! These are some seriously lovely images Ryan, too hard to pick a favorite when I love them all…

  • Tyler


  • Jenny

    how are the high heel shoes floating mid-air? It’s not photoshopped is it?

  • Amanda Basteen

    I love the shoe shot! Also love the bride’s dress and the shot of her in the red stairwell. awesome!

  • Jared Tseng

    Ryan! Every.Single.Shot is amazing! Love the carousel.

  • Charlotte Hodge

    The bride pictured in the red staircase…takes my breath away…

  • Wendy Longo


  • Daniyar Tulendinov

    Chika, Andrew! These are amazing photos! Love it

  • Xiaojun Patrick Li

    Wow! Breath-taking. Who is the photographer? I guess he/she is using Leica.

  • Shai Ben-Naphtali


  • Olivier Fabre

    amazing photography. xoxoxo to you both.

  • james fear

    So, so, so, so good. Last shot is out of this world Ryan

  • Bazo

    Beautiful pictures. Ryan how you make this nice pastel colour? :)

  • Karba

    Amazing shots! Bride looks gorgeous.

  • Dennis Pike

    Looks like in every photo, every single person is just having a blast. That shot of Chika in the stairway and the final image are just straight up magical. top notch, sir.

  • Adam Ward

    Amazing work. You’ve really captured the personalities and the fun of the day.

  • Amber Wilkie

    Love love love. What an awesome couple. Her hair is crazy-beautiful. And, clearly, your work is outstanding.

  • rich

    you just see stories so beautifully – your weddings are never shot the same and your creativity is just amazing. love this post!

  • Paul Rowland

    Ryan you are definitely the master of the unexpected image. And holy junk to this photo: So awesome.

  • Holly

    Amazing as always! That shot of the bride going down the stair case is incredible!

  • tobiah

    So so so so good! My favourite wedding yet from you! the hair spray shot with flash – Genius! So many good shots!

  • bryan

    nice stair way shot

  • Neil Redfern

    So creative, so vibrant and so amazing! That shot of the bride in the stairwell …WOW.

  • Kat Bevel

    Every image is so killer! Really lovin’ the carousel photo.

  • rahul

    when i saw you posted a wedding..i had to check it out…cos i knew it was gonna be ridiculously good..and i wasn’t dissapointed!!! amazing work!!!!!!

  • geneoh

    Oh man, you captured they’re energy and personality perfectly, but I come to expect that from you. Colors are beautiful. So many amazing shots, I drawn to the shot of Chika in the car the most.

  • ALMA //

    Your photos have this amazing vibe about them!

  • Manu Ruiz

    Hi Ryan!
    I´m a spaniard photographer. I´m a fan of your work, I like the way you feel the photography, your pictures and the people who´s on are full of energy.
    Your work are an inspiration to me. Thanks and congratulations!