Yale Club Wedding: Jessica and Doug

This wedding freaked me out — nothing went wrong. Nothing.

That doesn’t happen. How can I be a problem-solver if there are no problems to solve? Everything ran an hour-and-a-half ahead of schedule. The weather was amazing, the Yale Club gorgeous as always (and the church of Saint Vincent Ferrer isn’t too shabby either), and Jessica and Brian are warm, loving, and absolutely hilarious. I mean, her office printed giant cardboard heads for them, so naturally they used them for the reception entrance.

In one of my favorite moments, as we were going down the elevator to the first look, it stopped on a middle floor, opening up on Jessica’s family. I’d been talking to her about set-up, not in photo-taking mode, but I managed to throw my camera up and get their priceless reaction.

Thanks to Eileen Roche for helping out and doing great work!

Fotograf nunta Iasi - Another best photos!

Andy Barnhart - I love that last black and white dancing shot! Great work and beautiful couple!

Sean Shimmel - That top shot is a character of its own… like an inky mix of Kane’s Gotham and Miller’s Sin City.

Steven Markow - Sooooo Good! Amazing work.

Giovanni Logrono - These are all amazing as always. Was it THAT bright inside the church or is the D800 THAT great in low light?

Fabrice Drevon - Photographe - Oh yeah so so cool… Bravo!

Trond-Daniel Kastnes Kvalvik - Stunning photos!

Michelle Francine - Loves it!

Elissa Rïnehart - That reaction shot of the family is GOLD. Fabulous work as always…

Sean Molin - Solid!

Taslim Razin - superb ryan, just superb!

Prasanth Kumar Dasari - awesome bro………… looking Amazing to my eyes………
a big fan :)

mike - Intense colors.

Lisa - LOVE that church, and you’ve captured what looks like an amazing day. Beautiful work as always, Ryan!

Johanna - So many wonderful, touching and funny expressions you’ve caught. :)

Kevin Hillabolt - Holy cow, one of the best sets I’ve ever seen. Your “eye” for capturing moments is awe inspiring. Good work sir…

James Fear - Seriously good photography. Full STOP!

James - Stunning work as ever Ryan, but that bridal party shot is amazing!!!

Kim - Those cardboard heads are HI-LARIOUS, and I loved the shot of the family outside the elevator. Awesome storytelling.

Craig Cacchioli - That church definitely isn’t too shabby – fab shots

Tyler - gosh. always so, so, good.

Joseph - that lift shot is something special there RB. A moment junkie moment I think! ;)

katrina - That family reaction shot is amazing! so glad you have ninja reflexes and were able to capture that =)

Porter - youre freakin awesome. this wedding is awesome. too much awesome, i cant handle it

Petar - love your work! love that city! ;-)

Ademir Ribeiro - Love the colors, I always get impressed on how great you control them. I notice on the backlight picture, at open air, that the camera sensor has a few dirt spots, I’d like to know if you use to clean it yourself and if you reccomend some specif cleaning tool for so. Thank you.

ed peers - Too good Ryan. Damn.

Ottawa - Great work as usual. I really like the ceremony close ups and the shot of the bridal party.

Matt Haines - With your reception coverage it appears as if you have an army of strobe wranglers at your beck and call. So much off camera lighting, ready to catch those candid moments. Pretty impressive! Are you holding a light while shooting, or do you have a near mystical mind connection with a flash-holding assistant?

nadine - Ryan, let me hate you for a moment for being so awesome.
Ok, now back to loving you. The photos are so gooooood! My favorite is the first shot and the bride in the car. Great job, dude.

Dieter - Amazing work … nothing more to add :-). Best wedding photographer ever !!