Sonya and David’s Alger House Wedding

Sonya and David were married on a Sunday. They booked me that Friday — after being unceremoniously double-booked by their photographer. So I didn’t get to meet them in person beforehand — what sort of people are they? I wondered.

Fantastic people, it turns out. The sort of people who wedding photography clichés are based on, because they just sort of do that stuff in real life. The photo in the cab, 100 percent blissful, heads together in a world-class nuzzle? That was just how they were sitting, on their own. They have the type of connection where, when she came down the aisle at the Central Park Ladies’ Pavillion ceremony, he met her halfway … and kissed her.

Sure, breaking tradition keeps me on my toes, but it’s also beautiful to watch.

They followed with an intimate, thirtysomething-person reception at the Alger House, with modern Jazz music from Cate Cox, including a stint with her Dad serenading everyone to the Doors.

A beautiful, fantastic day, despite exactly eight minutes of rain (the ceremony was saved from being moved indoors by the amazingly precise Dark Sky app on my iPhone). Sometimes it’s the jolts in life that get you where you need to be.

Thanks to Kacy Jahanbini for the help and great photos in this last-minute scramble.

Fabrice Drevon - Superb, as always… (and inspiring too!)
Thanks for sharing :-)

Elissa - So beautiful and so joyous! Momentous Wedding alert! :)

Michael - Fantastic set of images!!

Liz - Oh. My. God. The lights, the arches… I have no words. You are, as always, amazing!

Brian - Dude! The silhouette one in the tunnel did it for me. Fantastic stuff man!

Fer Juaristi - just beautiful my friend.

Chris Morri - awesome…like always

Charles Tibbs - Incredible, you are the wedding guru.

Steven Markow - Absolutely AWESOME!

Jeena Caywood - wow!

Udaya S Pisipati - A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

winston mattis - Groom and bride with that back light bye themselves, how did you do that please?

Dennis Pike - People have never been so lucky that their original photographer was not available. Awesome work.

Sigríður Þorgeirsdóttir - Congratulations from Iceland. Fantastic photos.

Samantha Sendor - Ryan Brenizer is an artist. These are magnificent.

Ryan Brenizer - @winston: very dark interior and very bright exterior.

Heather - WOW that hairspray shot is beyond cool!!

Mercedes - These are gorgeous, Ryan!

Nick - Ryan saves the day again! You never disappoint, I always love your work. Well done sir.

Julianne Markow - As usual, nothing short of amazing, just beautiful. And I 2nd Dennis, what a lucky couple

Paul Von Rieter - That may be the single most awesome hair spray image tat has ever existed. end. of. story.

Sandy - I bet they are glad the photographer double booked them now, you did a fabulous job. Tunnel shot is brilliant

bryan - that last frame = mind blown.

Crystal - Ryan! Seriously you are incredible! Stellar work!

Bryce Wade - Awesome as always. Booked on Friday and shot on Sunday. Just shows what great customer service you provide as well as stunning pictures.

PJ - full of love on happiness…great work Ryan..

Bryan C. - The hairspray shot is as epic as you can possibly make hair and makeup. Amazing stuff as usual!!

Aaron DuRall - Ryab, incredible as always! Such an endless well of inspiration!

That shot of the bride getting her hair sprayed, was that a speedlite or was there just epic natural light behind her?

Again, amazing work!

Brian Kraft - Tasty stuff! Backlit hairspray shot with bride is money. Umbrella one and the couple in the arches also are super cool. Wonderful job!

Teresa - Oh my gosh. LOVE every single one! Great capturing of the details, the emotions. Love the bride crying. Love the shoe shot. Love the little kid grabbing bride’s dress. Love the emotions. Love everything!

Nessa K - The umbrella under the arch picture is insanity. I love the things you do. <3

Steph Gibson - Ryan, these are stunning, as usual! Love the silhouette under the arch, love the dancing and the shoes/tutu shot.. And LOVE the bride’s dress;)

Brennan McKissick - From one bro to another bro, sick work man. Always love your work.

Ian - Words escape me – what a wonderful, wonderful set of images. It certainly was this couples lucky day.

aga - Love your vision and style, Ryan. Love all the moments captured, so priceless.

Steve Koo - So many good ones here, Ryan! The hairspray shot is great, and I love the two portraits at the bottom.

Ivor Tetteh-Lartey - Wonderful intimate moment in the car. Amazed they got you at such short notice,lucky.

matt haines - Ryan, you have too many brilliant ideas per wedding. Extreme Idea Density. It’s disturbing when I have to bookmark one of your blog posts for not one brilliant concept, but two or three. You must have an army of minions alongside you to make this all work on time. Love the backlit hairspray and the shoe framing the other shoe. That’s just for starters.

Neil Redfern - Unbelievable images, your work never fails to inspire. I love the shot of the bride and groom reflected in the window. Fantastic!

Jenny J - the kid hanging onto her dress while dancing. central park silhouettes. first look. drive over… sooooooo effing goooooood.

Becky Male - I just stumbled upon your work by chance, I love this shoot, brilliant photography. The shoot in the archway is amazing. Double booked by their original photographer – it certainly turned out for the best.

Faria Reza - really awesome..

Georg Aufreiter - man, these are sooo good – like all your photos! I would have loved to join your london workshop but couldn’t….how do you get such soft light at the party? like the running boys shot?