New York Botanical Gardens Stone Mill Wedding: Eric and Lea

The Stone Mill at the New York Botanical Gardens is one of my favorite spots for intimate weddings. It feels like the most awesome bed and breakfast sitting on top of an amazing catering company, plunked down in the middle of the Garden of Eden. Hard to go wrong.

It also has a lot of connection to Fordham alumni like Lea (and myself) for whom the NYBG was an oasis amid tests and theses and countless late nights. Lea and Eric actually commissioned a map for their guests of the long and winding road their relationship had taken, from the Bronx to LA to Canada and back again.

It was a great experience to share in this part of their journey.

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12 thoughts on “New York Botanical Gardens Stone Mill Wedding: Eric and Lea”

  1. Ryan. You are incredible. That dancing shot. And his reaction to her walking down the aisle, and her wiping away one of his tears. So beautiful. (but seriously that dancing shot OMG)

  2. Great set! Awesome use of the TS-E! The ones in the park are so rich in color and composition.

  3. Great work! I specially like the bride and groom shot on the bench. Your signature method I presume.

  4. Very beautiful work. I found you through your Brenizer method/portrait-panorama and been scrolling through your pages lately.

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