In the Fairy Kingdom of Manhattan…


Seriously, who knew?

PS: If you like shooting Brenizer Method images, you’ll want to watch this blog in the next couple weeks. Trust me.

Camera: Camera: Nikon D4
Lens: 28-image “Brenizer method” panorama with the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 (equivalent of 27m f/0.44 according to Brett’s calculator)

JPanda - Beautiful image!

and 27m f0.44!! lol quite a focal length & aperture :D

Seth - Kapow! Love the DOF and your use of the location. Lighting is perfection.

Max - Awesome, one of my favorite brenizer method pics! I struggle so much with the OOF parts… I need to practice it a lot more, be more organized, are you doing a tutorial???

Anil Fernandes - I’ve been trying hard with the method but never got such DOF :(.
Hope you would disclose the aperture used that you use for these type of photos.

Elissa - Goodness, that is spectacular.

Kimo Okimo - amazing..

Allen Gresham - This is one of my favorite of your Brenizer’s yet!

Ashley MacPhee - What one can only wish someday to do.

mike - Spectacular indeed.

Aragian Marko - wow

Steve Philips - Stunning Ryan, love this!

Mary Stoyles - amazing!

David G. Whitham - Seriously, this has to be the best one yet.

Craig Cacchioli - Love it – dreamy

kenny - totally dreamy, esp like the hints of cherry and blackcurrant bokeh lurking amongst the minty green and ash greys

Martins Kikulis - Stunning shot this!

Kevin Mullins - What an absolutely gorgeous image.

Dmitriy Frolov - This is something beyond reality. Just a big-big WOW!

Joel C - Awesome framing and bokeh, but I can’t help but ask: Why’s there a chunk of his head missing?

Ryan Brenizer - @Joel: Nothing’s missing, that’s just a highlight and a part of the hair.

Micah G Robinson | Nashville, TN Wedding Photographer - Well done! Can’t wait to see what’s coming

Brian - Fantasy meets creative genius. This is brilliant stuff Ryan!

Lukas Gisbert-Mora - The resolution of that photo is breath taking, is there a certain D4 responsible for that or could you have done the same with the D3s?

Fotograf nunta Iasi - Awesome bokeh, this is beautiful image.

Emi L. - So well captured. This is one of the best wedding I’ve seen lately. Every photos just ” its own “.

Cheryl-Ann - Our story book fairy-tale coming to life!! Thank you a million times over for everything!

Mark Andrew - Ryan, this is your best one yet. I’m inspired and plan on trying this with my couple this weekend as they want to do something a little different!

Pauline - what a breath taking picture!

Pauline Lee - what a magnificant and gorgeous picture of the soon to be husband & wife!

Christian Berens - wow! you are GREAT! They better have that photo on a 36″+ canvas! WOW!

Tracey Robinson - What a gorgeous photo!!

Neil Redfern - Absolutely stunning. A magical image

ithackermike - Ryan, I noticed in a recent Framed episode that you’re using the Nikon 85 1.4g. Did you switch back?

Ryan Brenizer - I keep switching tele primes because I keep breaking and losing them. I’m on my 10th I think.