Just … trust me.


Sometimes photography requires a good deal of trust. The coordinator from the New York Botanical Garden stood in front of me and said “We have transportation, and you have access to all the wonders and beauty of the gardens at your disposal. Where would you like to go?”

“Well … I saw a really great patch of unmowed grass. Can we go there?”

Trust can pay off.

Lens: Sigma 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6
Camera: Nikon D4

mike - Extreme angle!

Stefan Hellberg - Photographer Switzerland - Sweet!

Two questions, did you use a speedlight or reflector to cast some light in their faces?

Are you sponsored by Sigma? It’s pretty. Ice someone your caliber is only(?) rocking it on sigma, especially with all sigma haters out there…

Thanks for an awesome share, have a great one!

// Stefan

Ryan Brenizer - I wish Sigma would sponsor me! But you have to shoot with their cameras, too, and I don’t like those as much. ;-)

Jeffrey Benzon - Agreed. My couples are always happiest when I skip the venue’s recommended spots and get them to trust me for stuff like this. This is awesome Ryan. I see you have been shooting the 12-24 a lot lately. Do you like it better than the 14-24 for this kind of work?

Craig Cacchioli - That wide angle is awesome. Almost feels like you dug a hole to get that low! Do tell… speedlite to illuminate the faces?

rich - i will never see unmowed grass the same. super beautiful shot!

Rebeca Irene Sierra Mauga - love your work, this is gorgeous!

Eric Kotara - Great review Ryan, with some lovely work to back it up!!!

Nicole Chan - I LOVE this!