Glen Island Harbor Club Wedding: Ketrin and Phillip

I’ve said it before: I always love weddings for fellow Fordham alumni, because they always know how to party. What I didn’t know was that Phillip is one of humanity’s nicest guys, and that Ketrin must have some sort of Red Bull-powered V8 engine in there somewhere, because she never stops moving or laughing — she beat the car back from the evening portraits because she decided it was easier to just sprint back to the wedding! Take a beautiful day at the Glen Island Harbor Club, sprinkle in some Albanian traditions, and you have a recipe for an excellent day. Sadly they weren’t allowed to light things on fire and throw them around. Funny, that.

Thanks to my buddy Zack Delaune for assisting.

  • mike

    Love those dance shots.

  • Dacia Rolando

    What a fun wedding! I love the shadow of the bride on the wall in the reception image with the groom getting a hug. Great timing. Congrats to the couple!

  • heather nan

    The blossom portrait is perfection… and the Groom’s shot sequence is hilarious. Stellar work Ryan.

  • Kelsie Taylor

    These are awesome! Love the first wedding dress and the shot with the veil movement is gorgeous!

  • Tee

    you do amazing work with the reception photos. The picture with the pink blossoms is very stunning!

  • Brandyn Fidel

    The shoe photo was VERY clever!

  • Paul Rowland
  • Tyler

    the shot of them in the reflection of the car. amaze.

  • Anni

    What a beautiful wedding – the third photo down (silhouette) is especially breathtaking.

  • Fotograf nunta Iasi

    I’m me or spring also brings a note of these wonderful photos?

  • JPanda

    As always, great series of photos. I learn something new from your shots every time :)

    Thanks again for posting and sharing these wonderful moments with us!

  • kong wai

    The shoes and ring shots are very special. Love it

  • Seba

    Great work as usual. Love the 3rd one, my favorite by far.

  • Matt Stanton

    Stunning ceremony room, the black and white shot of it shows it’s beauty and grandeur well. Excellent coverage, creative and well captured as ever.

  • Janet Palmer

    oh that cherry blossom shot is divine..
    amazing work as always Ryan

  • Nick

    you sir are so frickin’ good!

  • Bryan C

    omg that one where they are taking shots haha! really great work!

  • David Childers

    Those two shots of the bride twirling her dress are out of this world. I also love all of your “getting ready” shots from this wedding, great stuff as always Ryan.

  • Martin Hambleton

    Those two silhouettes during the bridal prep are awesome. Especially with the hairspray mist. And what a ceremony room! Love the black and white shot from the back of the room.

  • Tracey Robinson

    Stunning Work – just stunning : )

  • Deidra Photo

    How awesome is that one shot with the MUA and the mist? So cool, great shots!

  • Craig Cacchioli

    Can you please stop being so annoyingly good :)
    Lots of shots that I love here. It would be unfair to pick some and not all of them!

  • marcusa

    Awesome work this – some of the most entertaining and interesting wedding photography I have seen in quite a while.

    As a genre it is prone to repetitiveness and lack of imagination but this work is fresh and artistically vibrant.

    I like it!

  • Eric Kotara

    The shoe shot wins!!! Amazing work as always Ryan.

  • Derek Martinez

    Love your eye for details Ryan, and your portraits as always are stunning!