D800 teaser: Ariana and Eric at the Metropolitan Club

To say that Ariana and Eric are a pretty cool couple is like saying that the Metropolitan Club — pretty much what you’d expect from a place built for J.P. Morgan to hang out in — is a pretty cool place to get married.

The D800 is a very different sort of camera than the D3s or D4, but a performer in its own way. And, since this is an ISO 3200 photo in a very dark spot, it’s a surprisingly good low-light performer. Of course, the exported TIFF of this photo was 217 megagbytes, so I will never have enough hard drives from now on.

Lens: 35mm f/1.4
Camera: Nikon D800

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17 thoughts on “D800 teaser: Ariana and Eric at the Metropolitan Club”

  1. Lovely!

    I also shoot from behind a lot (with a flash) but tend to overblow the exposure – any recommendation to keep it to a minimum (except keeping the flash as low as possible of course)

  2. I presume you are using tiff while ACR gets the new NEF format? Or do you usually process tiff?

  3. Love the shot! But I agree with the others about the overkill on the image size of the D800. Don’t get me wrong, I like the camera, but there are some things that I am having a real issue with on it. The grip being $400+ dollars is a bit insane!!

    I really wish, like the others, that you could shoot at 16MB with it. 36MB is just too much for weddings.

  4. Beautiful photo – the detail on the ceiling and hanging lamp is phenomenal. Curious to get your full review of this camera- I was going out of my mind waiting for the D700 replacement and now am super hesitant due to not wanting to shoot with a 36MP camera- I think it’s beyond overkill!

  5. Love the Metropolitan Club. They can afford that place? wow. Good for them, and good for you.

  6. A lot of grumbles about the size of the image files. Perhaps Nikon have taken the leap a bit too soon. Sure, the cost of hard-drives is ever shrinking as the size of them is ever-increasing, and processors become more powerful, but let’s face it, this is a specialist piece of kit which is most likely not supposed to be used for weddings.

  7. All: If I’m going straight from the RAW converter to Photoshop for final processing, I export as ProPhoto RGB 16-bit TIFF to have as much data as I can, since that file only exists for about 15 minutes anyway.

  8. The 35mm 1.4G is driving me nuts I can’t wait to order it. I’ve had the 24-120mm f4 VR II since September of last year and I’ve just never been crazy about that zoom range so I’m going to try out this 35mm as my wide prime and maybe throw in a 24mm 2.8 af-d. I’m a little jealous of how clean the D800 file is too I just ordered a D700 in December but oh well it’s still a workhorse of a camera. Can’t wait to see the full review.

  9. Makes it sound like you’ve decided that it’s a keeper =).

    I’m curious – do the compromises in speed make for the camera being less useful than the previous ones?

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