Tribeca Rooftop Wedding: Heather and Peter

One of the reasons I love my job so much is that it’s different every day.

Really, you say? You seem to spend a lot of time hanging out with women in white dresses. True, but the people, the personalities, the nuances, everything is changing and different and new, always. It’s pretty easy to see that with a South-African/Persian wedding, like Heather and Peter’s fantastic day at Tribeca Rooftop. One second elegant and gorgeous, and the other with the groom showing that he does, indeed, have the moves like Jagger.

Always new, always exciting, and with a day like this doubly so.

Thanks to Jake Whyman for assisting; he did a fantastic job.

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26 thoughts on “Tribeca Rooftop Wedding: Heather and Peter”

  1. Those South African Persians sure know how to throw done an incredible party. So much life and substance to these images, Ryan! And the way you see and use light is always so inspiring.

  2. I’ve noticed in some pictures, the shadow areas become patchy with grains. Is it because of the low quality of jpgs for web?
    or something to do with your style?

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