Rockstar trashes hotel room at WPPI!

Longtime readers will know that nothing crawls up my spine quite as much as taking wedding photography — a job that, in the end, is about providing a deeply important and heartfelt service to others — and making it about supposed “rockstar” photographers. After all, there ARE no rockstar photographers. Nowhere is the cult of the rockstar more prevalent than the annual WPPI conference in Las Vegas. This isn’t WPPI’s fault — at 16,000 attendees, it’s the biggest show in town.

Anyway, I had the fantastic Stephanie in town for some some shooting, and so I thought we could have some fun with the idea. (I had some Ke$ha style fun with it during prep for the shoot).

The last photo is an illustration of a concept I tell clients all the time: Photography is a wonderful liar because anything outside the frame doesn’t exist. With creative framing can take a classic beauty shot even if you happen to be lying on a bed of Coors light cans.*

I was helped with lighting and styling on this by Sara and Dylan of Sara K Byrne Photography, Boise’s finest. Here Sara shows us how real rockstar photographers roll:

*By the way, the Coors light wasn’t mine. I think we should just make that clear.

Steve Koo - There’s so much I love about that first photo!

Steve Lewis - Good. Cuz I was actually going to say “You spent good money on Coors Light?”

Lukas Gisbert-Mora - Love the hotel room improvisation. Can I ask who makes your website Ryan Brenizer?

mike - The first photo rocks, but I’m digging the last one.

Craig Cacchioli - At last we see the real camera that you use for the Brenizer method…

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Bryan Petty - Colors light isn’t yours! Bwahahaha, funny! I’m a Stela guy myself.