Once, Twice, Six Times Fearless

One of my favorite wedding photography organizations around is Huy Nguyen’s growing Foundation empire, from the hard-core Foundation Workshop I’m excited to do in January, to the Foundation Conference I’ll be at in November to the best-known aspect, the Fearless Photographer contest.

When I started out, I used to enter and do very well in a number of contests such the WPJA, but after a while I started getting more and more focused on the work that I had yet to do, instead of the work that I’d already done, and I cared less and less about contest results. As I go on as a photographer, I feel more and more deeply that the metric I care about is both simple and maddeningly difficult — to constantly keep getting better than I have been before, to continually feel that at any time I am currently turning out my best work. I’m energized and inspired by the great work my photographer friends are doing, but on a shoot I don’t give them a single thought, I just think about how I can push myself forward.

But a couple contests kept grabbing my eye, such as Junebug’s annual curated list and Fearless in particular, just because the work was so consistently great. So, (after a few rounds of missing the deadlines), I submitted some of my work, and I got six Fearless awards, which I think ties me for first this round with some really fantastic photographers. This is really exciting for me just because of how great I think the Fearless/Foundation organization is, and because of how incredibly strong the selected photos are over all. This is a club worth joining, even if they have me as a member.

Here are the six chosen photos:


nadine - Congrats Ryan :) Well-deserved!

Steve Mackie - Epic. Your work inspires me to pick up a camera Ryan. Thanks for sharing.

AmyPunky Photography - This last photo is crazy!!!

Brendan - Well-deserved, each one.

mike - Congratulations Ryan!

Tara Welch - Thanks for getting Lionel in my head. Jerk. : )

Jeanette LeBlanc - Simply fantastic! Love the first image so much. And, as you’ll be in Phoenix next fall I simply insist that we’ll have to do a Vegas repeat on my turf (with less walking around looking for parties) :)

Max - I love the one of her sitting on the sink… I had not seen that one!!

Congrats all around though!

Mario - The first pictures is amazing. Is this a reflection shot?

Anton Chia - Congrats Ryan, all stellar images and the one sitting on the sink had always impress me.

Craig Cacchioli - That last shot made me laugh :)