New workshop announcement: NYC on 5/19

120320 145041 85mm f1 4

Amber Wilkie and George laugh it up between two vans in a “terrible location” demonstration at my March DC workshop

I’ve been around the U.S. with workshops this spring, but it’s time to take it back home to NYC. It’s going to be another year filled with lots and lots of wonderful weddings, so this may be the only NYC workshop I have time for in 2012, and possibly the last in the U.S. at all. Given that, I want to create an especially great experience for intermediate to advanced photographers who are looking to take their work or their business to the next level. This will only be for a small group, and will include a get-together on Friday night to kick off networking.

Read more on the workshop page!

Paul - For those on the fence about attending, you should definitely do so. What is taught is applicable to a variety of different genres of photography. As a wedding photographer, being able to take portraits / interesting pictures in less than ideal locations / situations occurs frequently, and no one does it better than Brenizer. Hearing his thought process when looking at a crap location is just awesome. Highly recommend.

Andrew Jones - is this a work shop for weddings.

Jolene Oldham - Rats. The one workshop this year I could get to and I’m going to be out of the area. Have a great one!

Tara Welch - Amber’s pretty dirty, she loves a good vanning! hahahah! I kid, I kid……..

adrienne - Gud job ! i love this all

Simon Dewey - Do you plan on doing any in the UK?