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A little while ago, after I put up Amanda and Glenn’s wedding at the Merion, I got an e-mail from David Hobby, a man famous worldwide for making flash usage less scary through broad knowledge and clear instructional writing (as well as for a love of cargo shorts). He was curious about the one photo above, which shows the sort of reverse engineering eye he has, because faced with a scene that had great potential but also a lot of technical challenges I sort of threw the kitchen sink of technical tricks at it to pull it off.

You can read a full breakdown of it on Strobist.

(And as for the Strobist readers coming here … hello and welcome. Lots of flash-usage fun in my portfolio and full weddings samples.

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10 thoughts on “Featured on Strobist!”

  1. Congrats, Ryan! I just saw the feature on Strobist. Thank you for sharing your techniques. It’s really amazing to me that you can do these in minutes during a wedding and don’t require a grip truck with a small army of assistants.

  2. Congratulations on the strobist feature. I’ve never come across the technique before a very cool idea I’m going to give it a go.

  3. One of my favorite shots of yours! And I love your quote from David Hobby’s feature, “I love mixing color temperatures because people tell me not to.”

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