Dallas and D.C. Workshops review

I love teaching. I came back to NYC with dreams of being a teacher, filling minds with all the power that good photography and journalism can possess, the way I’d done as a student newspaper advisor in Northern New York. But I realized that one of the few things I love more than teaching was constantly getting out there and creating art, honing skills, testing and challenging myself. I still haven’t left that phase, and my blessedly full shooting calendar keeps me from teaching more than a few workshops each year. In fact, my upcoming May 19 workshop might be the last U.S. workshop I can fit in my schedule for the rest of 2012. But when I was approached by my friends and fellow photographers Lynn Michelle and Bill Millios to teach workshops in Dallas and D.C. respectively, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

My pedagogical background always comes out when planning a workshop. Lots of people will pay lots of money for workshops from well-known photographers, but I’m deeply results-oriented, and I’m always trying to thread the needle on workshops’ Catch-22: Anything that will really change your life as an artist and a businessperson forever isn’t something you can reliably be expected to learn in a single day of group instruction. Real, lasting success comes from staying energized and focused so that you can undertake a lifetime of hard work without it feeling like hard work, or to have the endurance to continue on when it does feel like hard work. What I hope to do in a day is find those things that will light a spark, tools and techniques that might open new pathways, help you see solutions to problems in new ways, and give you perspectives on what works for me in a way that will easily let you see how to adapt it to your needs.

It’s never about being more like me. It’s about you.

One big piece of the technical aspects of these workshops is learning to overcome bad situations. Of course, when you’re shooting in a gorgeous space like the Marty Leonard Chapel we have to be creative to even find bad situations, such as pulling intimate moments like these…

… out of the Men’s bathroom:

(and yes, I have run into situations where the Men’s room was the least-bad location to shoot in on a wedding day.)

Thank you guys all so much for coming, and especially to Lynn and Bill for their hard work and general awesomeness. Now onto May in NYC! We are just about sold out, but there’s always some variation around the edges, so at this stage e-mail photos@ryanbrenizer.com to check if spots are available instead of just paying the deposit first.

mike - Love the creative uses of space throughout.

Brian Di Croce - Very excited to attend your workshop in May! You + NYC + other photographers = a helluva of a weekend to me! :p

Elissa Rïnehart - Valerie seriously has one of the most stunning faces I’ve ever seen in real life. <3 Thank you for coming to Texas!

Chris Thomas - I would love to attend the DC workshop. Please let me know the details!

John W. Buckingham Jr. - Are you planing any workshops in Atlanta in 2013?

Brian Powell - nailed that close-up of Valerie.. very nice.
hey did you leave the light mod and hand in that chapel flash composite image on purpose?

Akeno Lopez - I had the privilege of being at one of Ryan’s workshops at Adorama last year and would love the opportunity to attend on of his full day work shops. Please let me know the details for the DC and NYC workshops.

I live in NYC, so the NYC workshop is my first option. If there is no space at that workshop, DC will be just fine.