Sara isn’t just a ludicrously pretty face — she’s also a talented Boise wedding photographer. Check her (and partner Dylan) out.

From hijinx in-between shenanigans at WPPI.

On the road to my Dallas workshop now!

Lens: 45mm f/2.8 PC-E
Camera: Nikon D3s

alyda - damn you’re good!

Anni - This is fantastic!

nicholas gonzalez - My God, Ryan. I feel like Wayne and Garth, from Wayne’s World, when they see Alice Cooper. On my knees I scream “I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy!”

You are consistently awesome and an inspiration!

Rob Dunning - The more I see the PC-E lenses at work the more I want one. I was thinking of the 24mm, but the more I look at your fantastic work I think the 45mm is probably the better choice.

mike - Impressive. Referred here by a friend…I see why.

Matt - Fantastic shot! Has a great feel to it.

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Tarun Agarwal - This picture reminds me of one of the other picture you took earlier… I think it had Claudia as the model!