Fading Skyline

120316 151716 85mm f1 4A 28 images pano

One of the nice things about the Brenizer method is that it gives that same feeling with film that — even when you know exactly what you’re after — there’s still a bit of a surprise at how it comes out.

Camera: Nikon D3s
Lens: 28-image “Brenizer method” panorama with the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 (equivalent of 27m f/0.44 according to Brett’s calculator)

Mandy - Wow. Stunning photo! I love it!

mike - You make it look so easy. Cheers to that, Ryan.

Craig Cacchioli - Beautiful shot Ryan. I’m definitely going to have to schedule some time to experiment with this method. The results are undeniably brilliant.

Omar - Looks awesome, but if you’re open to some criticism, I’ll say that it would look even better had the sky not been blown out – how about “HDR Brenizer method”? :)

Ryan Brenizer - I’m open to criticism, but I disagree in this case. It wasn’t a happy spring day. Not blowing out the sky would have made it grey and depressing.

David Whitham - This is amazing, as usual…. Since this is so wide, did you move your feet for this one?

Johnny Wolf - Very cool. Also wondering if you had to move sideways to avoid any distortion, or do you just correct it in post?

Omar - You’re right then, blowing out the sky was the better option. Have you ever tried combining your method with HDR though? I’m just curious.


Dan Potter - Stunning image!

Jenn Harrison - Awesome shot! Makes me want to hop on a plane to NYC!

rich - absolutely amazing – you always produce such great work!

Jpanda - Impressive! Must try out this technique of yours!! ^^

Haute Inhabit - This is really beautiful. I just ordered this lens. How is the autofocus on it? I’ve been getting mixed reviews.