Fading Skyline

120316 151716 85mm f1 4A 28 images pano

One of the nice things about the Brenizer method is that it gives that same feeling with film that — even when you know exactly what you’re after — there’s still a bit of a surprise at how it comes out.

Camera: Nikon D3s
Lens: 28-image “Brenizer method” panorama with the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 (equivalent of 27m f/0.44 according to Brett’s calculator)

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Ryan Brenizer

I take pictures.

14 thoughts on “Fading Skyline”

  1. Looks awesome, but if you’re open to some criticism, I’ll say that it would look even better had the sky not been blown out – how about “HDR Brenizer method”? :)

  2. This is amazing, as usual…. Since this is so wide, did you move your feet for this one?

  3. You’re right then, blowing out the sky was the better option. Have you ever tried combining your method with HDR though? I’m just curious.

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