Hong Kong Four Seasons Wedding: Samantha and Gary

After a 16-hour flight, overcoming intense jet lag, wrestling a James Bond villain off a security guard, and happily eating many things that are used as contests on Fear Factor, I was ready for anything with Samantha and Gary’s wedding. What I got was an incredibly sweet and hilarious couple, an extremely elegant wedding at the Hong Kong Four Seasons, two giant banquets, misadventures traipsing around a Kowloon fruit market after dark, and an ache in my cheeks from smiling so much. The photos tell the tale of their personality — I mean, I couldn’t fit photos like this into the layout or even the genre of wedding photography, but I still laugh every time I see it.

Thank you both so much for flying me halfway across the world to document your love, your fun, your insane door games (the smell of durian sandwiches is still with me), and so much more.