I can’t believe it, but Moment Junkie, the wedding photojournalism blog I partner with Kyle Hepp and Chris Lin has turned one year old! To celebrate, we’re hosting a big contest for Photo of the Year (our photos were recused, of course).

Moment Junkie has been a labor of love all year. We haven’t made a dime on it, and now here we are, people who earn our living as photographers, doing everything we can to show the work of other photographers. Are we crazy? Yes. But we also believe in the power, the complexity, and the joy of relationships, and want to celebrate photographers who can capture that feeling.

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A Central Park Elopement: Katherine and Zak

One of the things I’ve forced myself to specialize in is getting good photos in terrible conditions, especially bad weather. Time after time I’ve been assaulted by rain or wind or cold or heat. I’m waiting for the cloud of locusts.

But sometimes you catch a break. When Katherine told me she wanted to spend three hours in Central Park in an amazing but not-very-warm dress in February, I said “OK, time to keep an emergency coffee thermos for her in my supply bag.”

It was SIXTY-THREE degrees. Or 17 degrees, since Katherine and Zak hail from Australia.

Absolute intimacy, absolute love, absolute beauty. I couldn’t think of a better way to start my 2012 wedding season. Also this is the first time I got to choose the ceremony location based on how it would look in photos. I think I did all right.