Hong Kong Four Seasons Wedding: Samantha and Gary

After a 16-hour flight, overcoming intense jet lag, wrestling a James Bond villain off a security guard, and happily eating many things that are used as contests on Fear Factor, I was ready for anything with Samantha and Gary’s wedding. What I got was an incredibly sweet and hilarious couple, an extremely elegant wedding at the Hong Kong Four Seasons, two giant banquets, misadventures traipsing around a Kowloon fruit market after dark, and an ache in my cheeks from smiling so much. The photos tell the tale of their personality — I mean, I couldn’t fit photos like this into the layout or even the genre of wedding photography, but I still laugh every time I see it.

Thank you both so much for flying me halfway across the world to document your love, your fun, your insane door games (the smell of durian sandwiches is still with me), and so much more.

Sully - Man, there are soooo many photos in that set that are stunning. Really lovin the stuff you are getting with that 12-24. Crazy good job!

kristi wright - Kill – er.

brett maxwell - what a rad suit! way to rock it, Gary. and awesome night shots Ryan, such versatility.

Annie - Looks like the wedding was so much fun and wedding party were happy & silly…and you captured just that! Beautiful images that made the most of the incredible (and diverse) environment in HK. I rarely comment on other photographers’ sites, but I just HAD to with yours. :)

Darko - Stunning shots – all of it!!! My faves are the ones at the market.

Craig Cacchioli - That last shot through the broken glass is awesome. (At least I think it is broken glass!)

Phillip Rondello - This looks like it would have been a fun enriching experience!

Giovanni Logrono - Haha! You did a levitation shot! These are all awesome as always!

Brian Powell - Such a fun couple… great shots :)

heather nan - Legit. I want to carry those groomsmen around in my pocket to every wedding I go to… love!

Helen Davies - LOVE LOVE LOVE this Ryan- I think you get better and better! I just love how their personality shines through, that nails it for me! XX

Dustin Hall - Man, these are gorgeous, I think you could make any environment look beautiful, you’re so damn creative.

Razvan - So many fantastic shots in this set!

Alex Ho - awesome job

Charlotte Hodge - Wonderful….and so very special…

Alan P - awesome pictures, definitely one of the best wedding photos I have ever seen!

Elizabeth - Awesome shots. Very interesting material in each one. I LOVE all of her outfit changes. Especially the fascinator!! Pure fabulous.

andi - off the hook!

Amanda Basteen - That first and last shot are amazing!

ayesha - the hong kong wedding!! yay! the urban portraits are out. of. this. world. what an adventure… and looks like such a fun couple!

Belle - Holy hell, your work ROCKS!!! Breathtaking photography, mate.

Kyle - Your work breathes life and energy. It’s amazing, really. And my favorite has to be the very last shot. Ridiculously good.

Octavian Craciun - I just love the compositions and colors you’ve pulled out!! You are one of my favourite photographers :)

Omar Carter - Incredible

ryan chan - That last one is so freaking awesome!

Heather - SO JEALOUS! I want to go to China!! And that last one AMAZING!!!

Allison - Great photos! Hong Kong is such an amazing city. Excellent job capturing it.

Shell Bailey - Breath-taking and hilarious. I love that punch shot, it might be one of the best bride & groom portraits I have ever seen.

sam hurd - about time you started taking pictures ;)

freaking love the last one.

Courtney - Oh the things you see/the way you see them. I’m hooked. These two seem like an awesome duo.

Paul Rowland - Shrinkwrap ftw. All of them are awesome (of course) – but definitely love the last one.

Karen - That last shot is so CREATIVE! The couples personality seems to really come through these photos. They seem like so much fun!!

Dylan - my mind a-splode from the amazingness, so many unique perspectives / colors / techniques.. Hong Kong looks like your dream playground for epic wedding photography.

/mariahedengren - This wedding is so intreresting, so fun. Cool way to document it.

Shyann - So much energy in these Ryan, I was excited just looking through them. Wonderful work!

Paweł Szpytma - Great photos – like always :) durian sandwiches – interesting..

andy gaines - Nailed it as ever! Amazing vibrancy and colours (are those the same..?! anyway…) And that last shot is killer – the most amazing cellophane wrapped packing crates ever! (If that’s what they are…) Great work as always!

James - Loving the super wide shots of the guys at the beginning with their bread and sandwiches. So cool !

Anton Chia - I have been waiting to see this Ryan! Wow! You rocked the streets of Hong Kong.

Darin Collison - Wow. That is some mind blowing awesomeness. Gorgeous… And hilarious. I love it.

Kong wai - Wow . Nice. I am base in Hong Kong. SO happy to some really amazing images in here.

Harrison Long Photography - As always, amazing work! Loving all the photos in the night market scenes…such great captures they really have soul!

Melissa - incredible. So many WOW shots :) I love your creative ideas. awesome!

Max - WOW! Such an awesome place, makes you feel lucky to go there and document the wedding.
And besides the places you get extraordinary pics! Congrats

Alex Essex - Ugh, Durian! Even now 10 years after I was last in the far east, I think I can still smell it! :D

A really nice range of photographs there. Some great formals, but some lovely candid moments too..

Anne Marie Carson - Wow completely sums it up, as many have said in previous comments. I love the couple’s fun-loving flair – which really shows in the choice of bow ties, etc. That last photo is absolutely amazing.

François Hogue photographe - A lot of stuff is cool here, but this in particular grabbed my attention: http://www.ryanbrenizer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Page-15.jpg

It’s simple but looks great. Congrats.

Rhys - Nice pictures!
Just been learning your photo-stitching method!

Phillip Yip - I’ve seen countless wedding photos shot by the local photographers in Hong Kong, but I have to say this is a very special one that really blows me away. Great work!

jay - WOW great job!

Derek - Incredible wedding Ryan! Love your use of light and your compositions.

Ben CK - Wow…Just wow. Your work is stellar!

Hussain - Sir
Great goj
good bless your job
awesome job

Chris Snowden - Totally amazing work. Really inspiring images!