A Central Park Elopement: Katherine and Zak

One of the things I’ve forced myself to specialize in is getting good photos in terrible conditions, especially bad weather. Time after time I’ve been assaulted by rain or wind or cold or heat. I’m waiting for the cloud of locusts.

But sometimes you catch a break. When Katherine told me she wanted to spend three hours in Central Park in an amazing but not-very-warm dress in February, I said “OK, time to keep an emergency coffee thermos for her in my supply bag.”

It was SIXTY-THREE degrees. Or 17 degrees, since Katherine and Zak hail from Australia.

Absolute intimacy, absolute love, absolute beauty. I couldn’t think of a better way to start my 2012 wedding season. Also this is the first time I got to choose the ceremony location based on how it would look in photos. I think I did all right.

Jasmine E. - I love elopements! And this one is perfection. This couple is gorgeous, and I love what she choose as her wedding day dress.

Craig Cacchioli - Brilliant Ryan, absolutely brilliant…

John Morgali - Absolutely gorgeous Ryan! You always amaze me with your work.

harrison long photography - Wow, those portraits are gorgeous….to die for! The background and the focus, they look like paintings. So beautiful, congrats!

Nick - OMW, Ryan! This could be a fashion shoot.

porter - you really…wait for it…wait for it…knocked it out of the park! get it? central park? im an idiot. anyways, seriously this is one of the most beautiful sessions ive seen of yours, these portraits are PERFECTION. gorgeous work!!!!!!!

Joni Schrantz - I just discovered your work, it’s absolutely wonderful. Your strong compositions, use of light, your photos are so dramatic. New fan!

Eduardo Suastegui - Terrific work, Ryan, and how blessed you are to work with such a photogenigorgeous couple.

Heather Elizabeth - Awe man Ryan… you are good. So good. Love the tilt shift portraits of them.

Sean Molin - I almost wish more couples would just elope (and hire a photographer). Fantastic.

Andy Kleinmoedig - Fantastic! This wedding looks like a fashion show!

Jolene Oldham - You are just stark raving awesome, Ryan.

Ruth Townsend - Fantastic pictures, they really tell a story x.

Zohar Ralt - Beautiful! the portrait shot of Katherine near the start, is that freelensing?

Mariana Herrera Mosli - I agree with Sean 110%! This is utterly stunning. My favorite wedding images of the year!

Elissa Rïnehart - Oh my goodness. That DRESS.

Helder Silva S - You just keep on raising the bar!I think you are the Michael Jackson of weddings ( you are on a diferent level ).

Phillip Rondello - Now THAT’S the way it’s done! the ceremony and the photography ;).

Chelsey - Seriously awesome. That vertical headshot of the bride is UH-mazing.

Ruth Shepherd - This is my second time coming back to this post today.. I am just blown away by the sheer awesomeness that came together for this. The beautiful couple, the amazing talent, the perfect lighting. My favorite is the one of them facing away from the camera looking down the sidewalk. Gosh. Just so excited about this shoot.

Diane Cordell - Brilliant, just brilliant!

Tara Welch - Love these! I need to teach myself that Brenizer thingy!
But seriously, I’m in love with this elopement! Feel like going
to Chengdu to shoot mine?

Tenielle - Errr. I think this might just be my most favourite yet from you, not because I’m biased to the aussies but because you nailed it 150%. Beautiful intimacy, emotion and portraits that look straight out of an editorial mag. Amazing.

Kyle - Hot DAMN. Katherine looks like Denise Richards…but way prettier.

My favorite is the shot of them in the park facing away from the camera. Stunning shot.

And her individual portrait that is tilt shifted or free lens…works great with that dress.

Caryn - This bride is absolutely stunning! Those tilt-shift shots are beyond amazing. Excellent work!

Jessica Schilling - Awesome! Love the sweet ceremony shots, and the portraits are straight out of a fashion magazine full of hotness!

heather nan - BRILLIANT location selection! Stunning all around. This will be revisited. Kudos Ryan.

Darin Collison - Seriously brilliant. Ridiculous great lighting. Amazing couple.

Mary Sylvia - My favorite shot is the one where it looks like these belong in a high end fashion magazine.

Yep. All of them.

Marie Lloyd - K-I-L-L-E-R
Love that shot looking up at them to the left of the frame and your ‘blue’ shot is sweet :)

Fotografo de Bodas Castellon - Impressive work , impressive light.

Tyler - gosh, ryan. you are really good.

James Gifford-Mead - Jeez man these are super good!

Mark Kalkwarf - You make every day seem like the exceptional. You have a gift and you are sharing it with the world – Thank you for sharing your gift my friend.

Mercedes - Blue hour! Love that one and the bun. Gorgeous couple and really lovely job of playing with the light, Ryan.

Tanja - Oh I love these so so much!

Rima - These are insane Ryan! Very editorial like, I love them

Lauren - Seriously so good! which isn’t surprising :) I think I shall make you a crown and bestow upon you the title ‘King of freelensing’…

Melissa Pfannenstiel ~ Kansas City Wedding Photographer~ - Amazing images, I love your color and clarity, just stunning..

Jerrit Parker Pruyn - you are the man, nice shots dude.

Courtney Clarke - This post is perfection! What a lovely elopement and brilliant images!

Tara Colburn - The shot of them facing away from the camera is beyond incredible!

Graymask - Very creative use of the space with amazing results. The pictures are beautiful.

Paul - Just Pure and Awesome – Also a super hot couple.

jay - very sweet… love these shots!

Derek - Phenomenal work dude! Love the reflection shot.

Kelli Nixon - Your use of light is exceptional!! My two favorites are the silhouette and the photo where her shadow is looking at him. That one is fun!!

Vasiliu Leonard - Just fantastic pictures!

jon - awesome work dude, you’ve captured the scene perfectly!

Fotografo de bodas - That you think you did allright? is a spectacular job! really is an incredible way to start the season and certainly I will not miss each put on their blog reports. Thanks for sharing