Renaissance Aruba Resort wedding: Gina and Gary

“So … how would you like it if we flew you out to Aruba in November?” Gary asked me. He might as well have said … there are no metaphors. It’s Aruba. In November. Perfect.

And more so with a kind, hilarious couple. I came in a few days early to make sure there were no flight problems, and because it was Aruba in November. I had my run of the island, but spent most of the time hanging out with Gary, Gina and their wedding party just because of how much fun we were having. It’s one thing to get on a wedding party’s good side … it’s another to hang out with them at the hotel pool until 3 a.m.

All you need to know is that Gina’s wedding gift to Gary was a pristine copy of The Incredible Hulk #181, the first appearance of a furry little fellow named Wolverine. They wanted to mix the traditions of a Filipino wedding with the laid-back nature of a beach wedding, so the ceremony was at a local church and then we boated out to a private island just in time to catch the last bits of sunset.

The reception was on the beach in the sand, with a court for dancing and speeches, and Gina and Gary thoughtfully provided sandals for every guest. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to photograph a reception barefoot, though — and so I did.

We spent part of the next day going around the island for a day-after shoot. I recommend post-wedding photos for everyone, because hey, why not get more photos? But especially for destination weddings. There’s nothing left to worry about — you can just relax and have fun together. I’ll be having fun in any case.

Paul Rowland - So much awesomeness. The series on the beach / fallen down building are probably my favorite. Gorgeous work as always.

Roman Serebryanyy - Nice Work and beautiful Location!

Alan Langley - Why don’t I get bookings like this!! Fantastic looking couple – the umbrella shot is awesome but my favourite shot is the portrait of the beautiful bride with the blue background. I love the way you do blues.

Daniel - Ryan, these are spectacular. Wow!

Alyssa Schroeder - Just love the one where he’s holding her in the water. Sigh. Amazing!

Dennis Pike - This is insanely epic Ryan. Those last two shots are mind blowing.

Leah Muse - What a beautiful day! You make even the most usual of pictures look gorgeous and different. Congrats to Gina & Gary!

nadine - wow, ryan. this might be some of my favs from you so far!

Willie Dalton - Really great stuff, Ryan! I especially dig the low light work.

Tracy Morter - All beautiful but for me it’s the hammock picture. Melts.

Vitaliy Piltser Photography - that shot with the umbrellas and silhouettes is absolutely fantastic! outdoing yourself yet again!

Ademir Ribeiro - Amazing.

Paul Krol - love the macro ring shot and the UWA shot of the couple in front of the church.

Krzysztof Ziętarski - Astounding images, Ryan!

/mariahedengren - Wow, that first shot is fabulous! Awesome images of the couple with water and rocks. + Awesome images of the little kids.

Heather Lambrinides - omg. breathtaking.

brett maxwell - that last shot, wow, wow, wow!

and I’m still trying to figure out the flash composite on the one of them holding hands looking at each other.

Kat Braman - love the one of the little girl with all those plates of food. you should put that on MJ. fantastic coverage.

Nessa Kessinger - They’re good looking, into comic books, and they have amazing style. They’re really a perfect match. :)

Nikki Bezel - Lucky you Ryan, but not like it isn’t deserved, you’re great. Love the use of light and all of them yummy low contrast images.

ALMA - Crazy technics Ryan..

Brian Kraft - Flippin’ ridiculous.

Max - Insanely insane… I have no words for such an awesome wedding!

Heather - Saw this on my Google Reader today & fell in love. These are FABULOUS!!

ryan southen - i have followed you for awhile now ryan and i think that this may be your best to date. the combination of creativity and technique is fantastic. it amazes me how much better you get the less light you have. amazing stuff.

Doug Logan - Beautiful Ryan! I quite like the last one with the lights in the trees. :)

Amanda Basteen - Beautiful Ryan! That first shot is awesome!

Lem - Brilliant photos! Amazing job.

Rebecca - woah, the skies + hammocks + awesome colours = perfect. Fantastic job Ryan, just beautiful.

JOHANNA DOVE - Nice work!! Love the photos!! :)

Gary A - Completely blown away. Thanks Ryan!

Alan Asuncion - Un. Freakin. Real! The best! And you’re totally cool too!

Sissi Chan - Simply amazing! Beautiful work!

Margot Jordan - I heart you & your art Ryan!

Steven Miskovich - Do you EVER have a off day? Consistently awesome Mr. Brenizer.

Cliff Cooper - amazing shots as usual!

Thersa O'Brien - Holy Mother of God!!!! These are by far the absolute best wedding pictures I have ever seen!!!! Language fails to convey the amazing beauty and candor of the subjects…frigging awesome!!!! We had the MOST AMAZING TIME at G+G’s Wedding!!!! THE BEST!!!!

Don White - While your photos are technically wonderful, you are able to capture the spirit of the event. You must take a thousand to get 10 great ones.

Nick - yeah you’re good. real good. these are awesome!

Jen - Awesome work Ryan. I’m so jealous!! I love the photo in the hammock, and also the silhouettes behind the umbrellas. You have such variety, and such dynamic work!

Continuum Photography - Love the day after shoot, nice work.

Derek - Incredible work Ryan, very inspirational! Love the last two!

Anton Chia - Inspiring as always. Rock on!