Merion Wedding: Amanda and Glenn

Normally I have to just tell you that a wedding rocked, and you have to just believe me. Did it really rock, or did it just look like fun for 1/250th of a second at a time?

You can trust me, but this time you don’t have to — I have proof. Chandeliers tell no lies, and Amanda and Glenn’s wedding rocked the Merion so hard the darned thing looked ready to come down.

Passionate, fun, and ready to tear the foundations off a building with merriment — these are my kind of people. Thanks to Dustin Finn for assisting the mayhem (and spotting the chandelier).

  • sam hurd
  • Jarg Woldhuis

    Lovely wedding again!

  • nadine

    Another great wedding. That ring shot really reminds me of the Doctor Who episode! Awesome.

  • Ryan Brenizer

    Haha it’s totally a Doctor Who reference.

  • Kat Braman

    ring shot = brilliant (kudos on the Doctor Who reference). I’m also loving the 2nd shot and that shot of the dog in the light! really beautiful work Ryan.

  • sam hurd

    i also love that tilt shifted flower + bride getting ready. epic.

  • Giovanni Logrono

    Amazing and inspiring as always!

  • Caroline Anne

    omg! I just adore the grandma in the conga line shot!

  • Tom Koetting

    my fav is the pause + laugh before leaving in the car – oh, the colors.

  • zoharralt


  • James

    Lovely work as always Ryan!

  • Stephen Rotondo

    Stunning as always Ryan! The flower girl peeking and the portraits of the bride are my faves!

  • Lukas Gisbert-Mora

    Great photos as usual Ryan. Can’t wait to see the next session.

  • Jean

    Yet another masterpiece, Mr. Brenizer. You’ve done it again! Inspirational work.

  • Nathan Gilmer

    The backlit shot of them climbing into the car is ridiculous! Nice job sir.

  • Leah Kua

    You are the master of light Ryan. Absolutely incredible!

  • Kari Bellamy

    I love the lighting on the formals!

  • Shaun Baker

    This looks like some of your best work! Nice job

  • Kris

    Gorgeous photos. I love your style and can’t believe I have only just recently subscribed to your blog. Epic work.

    Do you use photoshop actions or something else to layout your photos in single, double and quad configurations?

  • Shyann

    So awesome Ryan! I LOVE the shot of the bride in the car!

  • Ryan Brenizer

    Kris: I use Aperture and lay them out like an album.

  • Nick

    Lovely stuff, Ryan! So many awesome moments.

  • Matt and Katie

    So good Ryan! Love the moments you capture and your use of light. Truly great.

  • Blake Burton

    wonderful storytelling, they look like they had a great time

  • Jakob

    Excellent photos as always, Ryan. The pillar shot is a winner.

  • sarah der

    Yeah, for real these moments you’ve captured (the girl at the altar, the first dance, the groom’s look, to name a few!) ARE SO GOOD. And your use of light. You are, as Leah said, the Light Master. Really inspiring work, Ryan!

  • Gabe Aceves Washington DC Wedding Photographer

    Like whoa Ryan. The wide bw of them dancing is basically perfect.

  • Carsten Bockermann

    Fantastic pictures, Ryan! I just wonder how you lit the shot where the bride is sitting in the white car. Looks like flash with more than one CTO gels to me, but where was that flash unit (or multiple units)?

  • Ryan Brenizer

    @carsten: That’s the interior light of the car.

  • Carsten Bockermann

    OK…seems like my car is somewhat underpowered in terms of interior light ;-)

  • Nicholas Gonzalez

    As a photographer, Ive been such a fan of your work for a long time. As incredible as all your posts are, I must say that this wedding’s work is not only the most masterful Ive seen you do to date, it contains some of the best Ive ever seen from any wedding photographer. You are more than just a kick ass craftsman; you are a necessary one.

  • Emily

    These make me want to renew my vows after less than a year, just to have you there. We might be able to stretch it to 3 years. But you will be there. LOVE this post!!

  • Ryan Brenizer

    Wow Nick, thank you so much!

    Do it Emily!

  • Penny Michalski

    Very nice

  • Steven Miskovich

    That is a gutsy flower bouquet toss shot.. impeccable timing

  • Bec

    awesome. The way you use light is incredible.

  • Derek

    Way to kill it dude! You captured some awesome emotions and told an amazing story.

  • jai

    Beautiful photos!!! Made me feel like I was there. Thanks for sharing!