Liberty House Wedding: Elizabeth and Anthony

Dateline: 11/11/11 11:11:11

Elizabeth had elements of this day planned in her fancy three-ring binder for quite some time — some of them, I’m willing to bet, before she met Anthony. I don’t know if it said “Be fabulous” in there, but some things are just a given.

It’s been quite a journey for them, from playing Guess Who over cups of tea in the cafeteria to a fabulous fall day in Central Park. Weddings, of course, are not without challenges, which is something that keeps them interesting. The gods of the New Jersey Bridges and Tunnels were not kind, leaving the choice of either having the ceremony without 90 percent of the guests or having it in the pitch dark in the only place in Manhattan without lights. But it doesn’t say “problem solver” on the left-hand side for nothing. Under a canopy at night is too much for even my D3s or my eyeballs to see, but luckily I always travel with video lights. I used the help of the videographers (Peter Ferriero and team) to set up light in the corners of the gazebo, about 90 seconds before the processional had to start. Not only was there no disaster — they got to enjoy a stunning twilight ceremony with the lights of Southern Manhattan twinkling in the distance.

There’s nothing I can say about the emotion of the day, about their connection, about the fun that was had — both theirs and mine — that the images don’t say better. But it was a pleasure and honor to be there and to have my friend and phenomenal photographer John Edgar there to capture the day with me. John basically owns Canada. I hope there will be some more international team-ups in the coming year, because this was an amazing experience.

Dylan - I thought the getting ready photos would be the standouts.. until I continued through this post.. of pure amazingness. Gorgeous couple.

ken kienow - wow. absolutely nailed it.

Craig Cacchioli - Some great images with great light… fab job

Jarg Woldhuis - Especially the one to last photo is brilliant!

Paul Briscoe - Wow, special. Looks like you’ve been freelensing in some of those! or is it classic brenizer method?

Jean - Oh, man…these are BRILLIANT! I’m blown away, Ryan.

sam hurd - you are the freakin’ master.

Ryan Brenizer - @Paul: No freelensing this time around. Brenizered all over the place, and tilt-shift panos.

Joel C - What a classy looking couple – and the photos, beautiful shots of the ceremony and some great angles of the preparations. All round awesome :)

Avelaine Scyrup - Stunning

Luis Toledo - great moments man. What a beautiful bride.

Andy Gaines - Awesomely depressing – I just had to turn down a trip across the pond to shoot a British couple’s wedding in Central Park… Amazing work as usual – some of those stitched BM shots are killer!

Tara Colburn - Simply incredible photography.

Paul Briscoe - @Ryan excellent, I need to get into these t-s panos.

Laura Lea Haley - Wow, these are amazing photos!

Jarg Rambo Woldhuis - Especially the one to last photo is brilliant!

Nina M. Clark - Amazing work Ryan. I aspire to be like you and be able to take amazing shots like these. Thanks for the insiration.

Ashley Mac Phee Photography - INNNNNNNNNNNNNNNSANE! Just breathtaking. From the bride, to her dress to the awesome dancing photos. Love it!

Ademir Ribeiro - The “problem-solver” therm is fantastic. Once I was shooting a birthday party and the DJ didn’t show up, guess who made music? Was a great job.

Emily - Might be my favorite 2011 wedding of yours that I’ve seen… wow. Every photo posted is deliberate and perfect at telling the story of their day.

Nessa K - So much goodness here. I am just soaking it all in; each photo is beautiful. And any bride that can rock red lipstick like this wins my heart automatically. :)

Vitaliy Piltser Photography - I love how full of energy all these are! Even the tender moment of them sneaking in a kiss, there’s a girl with her arms up in the air and the biggest smile/laugh on her face =).

Danielle DeCosmo - Beautiful! I love the one with the leaf that blew in her hair!

Peter Gibbons - Great set, as always! Every photo posted is engaging — I bet they’re thrilled. No wonder you’re famous! :)

Nikole - Your work always takes my breath away. So beautiful.

Kyle - Ryan, I really don’t know what to say except, you just keep getting better.

Jonas Peterson - Dude…so good.

Josh Gull - Maybe my favorite wedding of yours Ryan, and that’s saying a lot. You outdid yourself on this one. Well done, sir. Well done.

Caroline - Ryan, I am quite speechless after seeing these. You have an incredible eye, and my mind has officially been blown. Thank you for sharing these.

/mariahedengren - you images are incredebly sharp, you have such a clear vision with ever single one. They are perfect. I am stunned.

Natalie - This wedding is seriously incredible… AMAZING! I love the image of the groom picking up the bride and twirling her around! Such a fun moment captured!

Max - Seriously… HOW DO YOU DO IT? These pics are crazy good! Love your style.

Heather - AMAZING as always! I love that hairspray shot.

Shari DeAngelo - Ryan, you are proof positive that any of us can continue to raise the bar on ourselves. Thisparticular story left me spellbound. xoxo

Shari DeAngelo - Ryan, you are proof positive that any of us can continue to raise the bar on ourselves. This particular story left me spellbound. xoxo

Dale - Absolutely Stunning. No words can describe these. Truly a master of the craft.

gabe aceves - ryan, this is one of your best, which says a whole lot. beautifully done my man.

ed peers - Superb work Ryan. Well and truly Brenizered.

Tanja - Stunning series!!! This is so good!

derrys - you are my idol!! amazing work. beautifully captured

Heather Curiel - The tree photo at sunset and the wood arch photo are PERFECT.

coler - unreal. my favourite “brenizer” wedding by a mile (not to discount the others at all because they’re killer as well)…..

Two Ring Studios - STOP IT, Ryan! Too good. You always capture the best of people, both inner and outer beauty. Always inspiring to see your stuff.

Bec - Stunning wedding! Gorgeous couple, that bride is just a knockout!
I love the story, just goes to show they were lucky to have you.
one of my faves is the image of the bride looking at the camera, with the other wedding in the background. classic! her face says it all.
Great set of images.

Dan Potter - Fantastic work, as always!

Jason - Nice work buddy – full of class.

Mark Kegans - Despite the stress of lighting the ceremony yourself, everything here is beautiful and carefree. Strong images throughout, Ryan.

Randall Murrow - Great energy and variety throughout, fab!

Clark - Very nice and fabulous shots with perfect lighting. All moments and expressions are well captured. Excellent!

Bruidsfotograaf Jarg Woldhuis - Wow, a great wedding again. Love the forest feel on some of the pictures!

Elizabeth - Every time I come back and look at this post… I’m equally, if not more, blown away and thrilled that we had you that day Ryan! :)

Ryan Brenizer - Aww, thank you Elizabeth!

Derek - Amazing work as always Ryan! So much awesomeness in this post but I love the shot of them under the wood walkway.

Anton Chia - Rocking it as always and always!

Matt Ramage - I’m blown away! Your images are timeless, yet still a touch of trendy. :) Perfect mix.

Shannon Wimberly - she is absolutely gorgeous…. and you rocked this Ryan………..

Vivek Ojha - this is like a vivid story, like a flowing water,, like blowing wind and what not…….

Vivek Ojha - I must say dat I am watching a vivid life story….. wonderful…..

Blue Bend Photography - wow. some awesome stuff here!!!

José Carrilho - Did you guys kiss before the priest saying so ?
How could you !?

Wishes of a peaceful marriage with lots of kids running around the house ruining the furniture :-)

Kind regards,


Bob Warren - Have a Super Sunday and a Fantastic 4th of July Week!

Enrique Sabal F - Very original….

Fotografia ślubna Płock - great repo awesome!

Roland Hale - Amazing! Well done, sir.

mike - Hi
Lov lov your work i’m a nubie only 5 wedding under my belt

can you give me some tips on lighting a reception
like off camera flash or speed lights set up in the reception
Hall, should i use a flash bracket like the paparazzi. I’ve tried so many
different techniques. my last wedding i just used a high iso
darker skin subjects seem to be more tricky in low light situations to flash or not to flash.

wide open and was very disappointed in my results. canon 5 d mk 11.
my old d200 work looks better. need help thanks


Joseph Maramba - The shot under the wood walk way is sooo amazing. I cannot imagine how little we take the time to perfect this type of work, down here in Zimbabwe